July 06, 2017

BaByliss Pro Bambino - a baby hairdryer with serious pep!

If you either:
  • Get sore arms when blow-drying your hair,
  • Hate packing your big a*s hairdryer in your suitcase when you're travelling,
  • Looking for a low cost alternative to a good hairdryer, or
  • All of the above
Then  read on!

The good peeps at Ry.com.au sent through a beaute little package which contained this cute wee thing.

I couldn't believe how cute this little hairdryer was. Its like my hairdryer delivered a baby! At 1200 watts, the BaByliss Pro Bambino 5510 is just over half the wattage power of my current hairdryer (a Phillips 2300W Pro hairdryer), so you would assume it has less gale force power of normal hairdryers, but don't let its size fool you, this little thing has a bit of pep!

On the box, the brand boasts that this hairdryer contains nano-titanium technology that helps smooth the hair shaft for shiny locks. The hairdryer came with a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser. It is the cutest diffuser ever, and now I wished all hairdryers came with a diffuser (my Phillips normal sized hair dryer did not!).

There are only 2 simple power settings, low and high heat/speed, and I think the whole point of this little baby is that it is a breeze to use and travel with.

I took the Bambino away with me on a weekend in Bowral and it was just so light in my bag. I blow dried my hair a couple of times whilst I was away with my hair flipped upside down, and it was all dry with a good boost of volume within about 15 minutes. However, I think this may have only seemed great to me as I have short bob-length hair. I haven't yet tried it on long hair, but I'd have to say this is the sticking point that would probably frustrate a few people. On the other hand, the machine is so lightweight its great if your biggest problem is having trouble wielding a big dryer over and around the head or simply getting sore arms from blow-drying your hair!
A couple things I had hoped was that the dryer had a fold-able handle and also a cold shot button.  But at $AUD45, this is a minor 'con' for a mini hairdryer that does pack a punch for its size. Perhaps the Pro version; BaByliss Pro Torino addresses all these needs while giving more power and maintaining a smallish shape?

Anyways I've used the Bambino quite a few times over 3 weeks now and I have jotted down a quick pros and cons list of my thoughts below. For reference, my hair is bob length (just above the shoulders, see here) and without aid, it would normally dry dead straight. I'm talking poker straight. All the hair around the crown of my head usually stays really flush to my scalp, so I normally need to use a volumising spray (my favourite is the Christophe Robin Volumizing Mist Spray!) and dry my hair upside down or use a round brush to add volume around the crown and front.

  • Came with a diffuser attachment
  • Long 1.8m cord length
  • Light and super travel friendly
  • Great price, only $45!
  • Smaller than my most hairdryers, by far!
  • Great for mobile jobs, especially from a small handed person point of view
  • I've always struggled with getting tired arms whilst round brush blow drying my own hair using a normal sized hairdryer. With the Bambino though, I found there was no need to rest in between round brushing sections like I normally would. Hurrah!  I can pivot the Bambino in all sorts of directions without blocking my view in the mirror, resulting in a quicker job.
  • A good lifted look can still be achieved with a round brush despite it's lower wattage
  • Great for creating flicks and curls at the ends of your hair
  • The handle does not collapse to make the dryer even more compact 
  • Can't imagine it doing a super quick job for ultra long and/or thick hair. 
  • Attachments get super hot, so you'd have to wait a bit for them to cool down before detaching or changing out the attachments.
  • Probably could cause some heat damage if you don't move quickly. I found I couldn't have the hairdryer shooting in one direction for too long on the highest setting, otherwise I'd get a hot spot sensation. 
  • No cold shot option
  • No heatproof pouch
My hair dried in a sleek finish and I'm used to this from my Phillips hairdryer and the products I normally use, but I'll report back on the nano-titanium output again if it yields different results, once I've tried using the Bambino hairdryer on a frizzy haired girl/boy.
All in all, I think mobile artists and short haired girls would love this little pocket rocket for sure. It's pretty handy and delivers results rather quickly for its size! I've even used it a few times to dry Bailey after bathing him and it doesn't take me any longer than it normally would with my Phillips hairdryer! I'll be packing this in my mobile kit and taking it again on any future vacays!

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