December 29, 2016

Tata 2016, Hello Shiny New 2017

[Onetangi beach, Waiheke Island, NZ, December 2016]

This year I pegged down a whopping big 3 blog posts lol. What I lack for frequency I make up in consistency though, because I have always posted one final recap post before the year is out.

Looking back on this year... 

blog-wise, my much preferred approach to life documentation this year has been via Instagram and Snapchat (@mialovespretty !) - though I'm still a bit sloppy at it. It's that instantaneous connection that I enjoy quite a bit more than having to plan and structure out perfectly defined posts. If I'm going to dedicate time in reading a blog post, I much prefer the personal chit chatty blogs to the tune of Cup of Jo, Cupcakes and Cashmere, BuyNowBlogLater, The Anna Edit and I think I may run with that vein myself for this blog. If I have nothing worth talking about on this blog, I won't post anything, there you go, howz that for non-committal commitment?

If last year was about taking up opportunities, travel and balance. This year was about working hard on more opportunities and goals, while maintaining that work/life balance. To wrap up my year really quickly:
  • We started the year with seeing our close friends get married which was also the first time Jase and I picked up the mic for our first duo MC act haha
  • We started the dreaded task of house hunting, or what we also liked to now call; our tour of Sydney
  • We went to Hawaii again and explored more of the North Shore of O'ahu
  • We finished our tour of Sydney after 8 months, inspecting well over 85 homes all over Sydney, we finally bought a home (holy sh*t, we move in next month!) 
  • The Beebs decided to give us a scare and fall really ill, which resulted in surgery + a lengthy hospital stay... apparently he had eaten too much sand at Wollongong beach - he is 100% better now!
  • I had set out to hopefully do 10 makeup related jobs this year, and bam! I busted that goal and conquered almost 20 jobbies! I painted 45 faces and sculpted 16 heads of hair. Here's hoping that more hard work will allow me to continue establishing my style and painting more special faces in 2017.

[A serene view, right across from the North Shore Taco truck stand in Hawaii]

[Lounging in Turtle Bay Resort, North Shore, O'ahu]

[Laniakea beach to see the Turtles come to rest and feed ashore, but they never came :P]

[Sunsets on Waikiki beach, Hawaii and downtown Waikiki]

[A sneaky quick pic right outside our house a week after signing the contract]

[Doing what I've always loved doing, photo by Euphoria Films]

When I look back on some of my blog posts over the years, though some were food styled posts and some were beauty-centric, they captured a moment in my life where I actually took record in a "dear diary" sense, and I can still remember what I was thinking/felt at the moment in time, so I will always keep this blog running to keep those memories. 
My chatter and imagery on here will continue, even if no one is reading.  I'm determined to bring back the food styling more frequently. I love to cook. I love to eat. I love to take beautiful photos of what I like to eat. And because we're soon to take up residence in a light-filled home with more room to stretch (contrary to the darkened apartment that is now neighboured by a wall of blue scaffolding), I have hopes that I will feel more inspired and in the mood to write. There will be the odd rambling and the "favourite finds" type posts to return (I've collected so many links this year it's ridiculous). And maybe I'll throw in the odd chatter about house interior designery things (you'll see the numbers of boards on my Pinterest account have exploded) and maybe some of my current shopping musings if I think they're worth sharing. I'm probably being too hopeful and carried away now.

For now though, the focus is getting out of our construction zoned apartment and into our new home next month. I can not wait to clear out half my wardrobe during our move, make some plans for a MLP studio, breathe in a new waft of fresh suburban air and call four walls + a roof our very own home.

There have been a lot of highs and lows that have happened locally and around the world in 2016.  I'm grateful we made it through in one piece. 
May you end this year on a high before entering into 2017. And if not a high, then I'm wishing you the very best to a great fresh start in 2017. Happy new year! 😀

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