February 25, 2016

Favourite Finds #3

One very bright and hot day in Oia, Santorini, August 2014 - my head was cooking nicely towards 'well done' inside that hat. 

January 2016 has passed us by, so we've skipped a month, oh no wait, we've skipped two. It's now the end of February 2016... and I think I've procrastinated quite enough. Before I know it, we'll be a quarter way through the year and my to-do lists will get out of hand again.
I had 20 links to share in my last Favourite Finds...well I hope you have a whole pot of tea and a jar of biscuits ready, because this time I've upped the ante and blown out to 30 :)

As usual you'll see a mixture of good reads, themed around personal entries, funny reads, business-y subjects, girl-power, a mix of inter-web finds (unusual, funky and pretty things), beauty bits, life enhancing and uplifting ideas.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  1. Start the year off by dressing your tech 
  2. The real reason why its tradition for brides to carry bouquets of flowers 
  3. The misconceptions of extroverts and introverts 
  4. The beauty hype that should be put to bed 
  5. Beautiful aerial shots of my current home city: Sydney 
  6. A seriously talented woman in the cake decorating department 
  7. 1 man 12 hairstyles 
  8. Powerful hair makeovers 
  9. My most favourite childhood book turned into a movie 
  10. What is your Personal brand
  11. Successful women and their early career mistakes  
  12. Unforgettable wedding moments
  13. Screw finding your passion
  14. To be happy you have to want to struggle
  15. How to be your own boss 
  16. Ordering meals from your neighbours, what a cool concept!  
  17. The making of the 2015 Victoria's Secret Show (there's 7 parts!)
  18. Are we getting increasingly connected yet increasingly lonely?
  19. Let's procrastinate :D (in moderation :) )
  20. When parents join Facebook 
  21. This is one fun looking pie crust 
  22. The best Instagram discovery that made me giggle (read more about the lady behind this account here)
  23. Why DO women make less than men? 
  24. A real women calendar
  25. A triumphant Ballerina's tale
  26. I love the smell of pine trees and crackling fires, this candle is right up my alley and will be a perfect addition to the 23230284032984 candles I have going on my candle tray, in time for Autumn/Winter.
  27. What really goes on behind the scenes when styling the stars for awards shows
  28. The career risk you don't know you're taking 
  29. 5 tips to avoid emotional pricing in your business 
  30. A love that has lasted through a lifetime  

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