December 29, 2015

Toodles 2015, Hello Shiny New 2016

Well this year has been one for a few changes, and before the year is finished, I'd like to reflect on the highlights and poignant parts of the year. I think it's become a blog tradition for me to reflect, as this is my online diary of sorts and I like to keep myself in check and to ensure I count my blessings. 

Last year's reflection post was interesting. I spoke about being on a windy path to happiness and ended it with a toast to everyone (myself included) to finding self fulfilment, new adventures, stopping to smell the roses and making brave decisions.

Well I did indeed make some brave decisions and we have had some new and fun adventures... but I am still very much jogging along the windy path and will never really see myself getting off. I'm still excited for the challenges and goal kicking that is going to happen in 2016.
And so this year's reflection can be summed up by my top 5 memorable and important points:

I finally put myself back out there in the makeup artistry world.  After being afraid of doing it when we first moved to Sydney 5+ years ago. I realised now was time. Now or continue to drive myself batty thinking about it everyday and forever.
I've had a few special clients and beautiful bridal clients take a chance on me this year, for which I'm forever grateful, as I definitely got my confidence back. I've reignited that ultra satisfaction and fulfilment I feel when I make up a client and make THEM feel pretty and, stepping out in the best version of themselves.
I'm still continually learning more about techniques (refining old and finding new), seeking inspiration and appreciating the actual art of makeup, learning about the entrepreneurship and business side of the make up artist world, practising hairstyling... and I never want to stop.

A chance opportunity which builds on #1 above, was being one of 13 selected makeup artists to work under Alphie Sadsad and Bobbi Brown for the Bridal Bazaar wedding event. Oh my word, I never had such a thrilling time working backstage alongside some of the talented artists in Sydney, and for such a beautiful wedding event. As a result of this event, I've also added some premium beauty Bobbi Brown products to my kit, all in all, it was a major boost to my confidence again and added to the Mia Loves Pretty brand.

We started the year off with travelling home (to NZ) 3 months in a row for weddings, and so we reserved any other travel this year, to non-NZ destinations. One of these destinations was to Hawaii for a magical, relaxing and beautiful holiday escape. A post on our time will come soon.

We ventured to the western side of Australia and travelled to Broome. Known for its gorgeous desert feels, heat, miles long Cable beach, out of this world sunsets, Pearling, and Camels, this place was definitely our cup of tea for a quick getaway. We indulged in a bit of glamping, witnessed plenty of sunsets, drove all around Broome to see some beautiful natural wonders (including Dinosaur foot prints) and enjoyed some really great food. A post about our time is also to come soon.

I found some balance with my creative ventures in finding a consulting/analyst contractor role at a University, to keep the life bills whirling and actually found I enjoyed this balance. I don't think I'd ever see myself studying at Uni again but I'm digging the relaxed and more "open thinking" vibe while maintaining the freedom to freelance makeup and hair when I decide. Working in a team and being a part of varying business projects is actually a refreshing and challenging juxtaposition to freelancing in makeup and hair.

The MLP blog posts have slowed down a bit this year to give way for more energy and focus on my makeup gig, but I'm hoping to change that in 2016. Dusting off the cobwebs of my camera and relentless practising is on the agenda, better efforts in photo and video editing, and also trialling out film photography. Hopefully some exciting and new collaborations will be in store too! Travel is always on my mind and I have a feeling New York is on the 2016 hit list.

So here's to the end of a wonderful 2015 and a hopeful wish for a shinier, even happier, new 2016.

Wherever you may be, whatever life stage you are at, I hope you find that spark, that passion for something or someone, that makes your life feel golden and complete. Nurture it and never let that go. 
If you have support for your dreams, cherish it and never take it for granted. 
If you haven't yet found your spark, I hope you stay on the windy path, because the chase, the fear, the joys, the ride and the opportunities that come along the way are part of the thrill, and you'll realise that it's definitely all worth it in the end. 

We have one life to live, so let's live it good.


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