October 08, 2015

Favourite Finds #2

[Photo of a delicious Dole Whip taken at the Dole Plantation farm in Hawaii]

When I first built up this list of links (at least a month back - WHOOPS), the weather here in Sydney was torrential rain, windy and grossly cold. Just when I thought I put my winter coats and tights away because Spring/Summer was here, I pulled them right back out again. And then over this past long weekend, the glorious sun and hot winds came out blazing and we were treated to temperatures of 30+ degrees celsius. This is what you get for living in a country full of extremities.
No matter where you are though, I hope you find some time to yourself to unwind, relax, grab an iced tea (or hot cuppa) and perhaps feel entertained or compelled to expand your mind a little while you thumb through the following list. I know it took a long time to post another one of these. So I've blown out this time and have 20 odd favourite finds (reads) to share :)
As usual, you'll see a mixture of good reads themed around personal entries, funny reads, business-y subjects, girl-power and a mix of interweb finds ranging from unusual, funky and pretty things, beauty bits (and perhaps a quick fire review), life enhancing and uplifting ideas.

2)  A beautiful new makeup brand dedicated to neatly edited makeup essentials in just the right travel friendly size. No wastage there! Minimalists eat your heart out! (Now if only they'll just ship to Australia and New Zealand!

3) These dudes are just too cool. I'm so glad a friend of mine pointed me to the direction of their cool travelling shipping container get up a few months back. Now I'm obsessed with knafeh and have dreams of roaming the streets of Istanbul  

4) THIS SPRAY. OMG. I bought this at the suggestion of my hairdresser as Redken no longer makes Fabricate; my easy pre-heat styling spray for my now shorter hairstyle. I didn’t think too much about it but they kept saying it was a salon fave, and since I’m a fan of Pureology’s conditioner, I thought I’d give it a go. At first spritz I was like WOW. THAT SMELL, YUM. And my hair? totally GLOSSY after curling. It’s not a direct replacement for the fabricate, which I loved for it’s added texture/volumising properties, this is more of a heat protectant spray that protects your hair from heat tools and gives a glossy, soft and conditioned finish without making your hair feel or turn greasy. the scent reminds me of Marc Jacob’s daisy, fruity and uplifting. The spray is marketed towards babes with colour treated hair but I think anyone would love it, for the 21 benefits it claims to give; from detangling to protecting against colour fade, to helping prevent split ends to controlling frizz. My hair is particularly coarse and I've used it on dry hair before curling and it feels ultra conditioned and lush. If you’re looking for a heat protectant product that gives volume and texturising grit though, this wouldn’t be the one to reach for. For the moment I’m loving how glossy this makes my hair look giving me guilt-free freedom to curl my hair and also double as a perfume spray. 

5) If you’re an online shopping lover, and love a bit of monochrome or wanting to pare back your style,  here’s another one to put on your perusal list. These days, I’m more about finding items I will wear time and time again, and have the ability to mix and match with items I already own. You know, clothes that are timeless, sparks joy, and can be worn trans-seasonally. So when a website like The Con-nection comes online I put my hands up. A website established by Nadia from Chronicles of Nadia and her sister, this website features a carefully created edit of key, long lasting and versatile wardrobe items to suit all a girl’s needs and wants for all sorts of occasions. Yes there may be shades of neutrals, monochromes and greys spread all throughout the site, and while some may call this boring, I call this smart shopping and true to the mantra of non-disposable fashion. And anyways, colour can be popped on in other ways like a bright red lip, a handbag and shoes.

6) Knowing your limits and knowing when it's time for new direction ... something we can learn from in all life situations. I.e. it's ok to fail.

7) In an oxy moron: Ladies that didn't let the word "no" stop them

8) Chef Jon, there is no one quite like him. Witty, knowledgeable and ever the best cooking teacher on the internet. He had me giggling at #bunsnotballs I’m loving these sweet potato burger buns and have plans to make a slider version soon. Go on...give his website the old "tappa tappa" and hunt through the gazillion recipes he has posted ;)

9) If I ever own a pool, I want all of these floaties

10) Heirloom Recipes - recipes that have passed through the generations, you know it must be good!

11) I'm in awe of this talented Mum's super creative powers, creating the most amazing themed party displays.

12) A very powerful message 

13) I’ve always been a posh spice fan, and this documentary makes her even more inspiring. Yes she has money and fame to back her, but she also has an abnormally high level of expectation and pressure to live up to. Throwing yourself into the world’s harshest fashion critics as well as pinning yourself against well established competition has always made her success story that much more compelling. Much like the last link I shared about Rachel Zoe, this is another reminder that dedication to your life goals,  careful consideration, strategising and hard work really does pay off. 

14) I started following Caroline Hirons midway through this year and she is brilliant. Skincare specialist extraordinaire with a wealth of experience to back her, I love her frankness, no fluff approach to everything skin related. If you are unhappy with your skin, confused by the trillions of varieties and jars of hope on the market, tried everything in the book to no avail and want a skincare mama to turn to, she is the one to turn to. While I don't use everything she recommends (obv - cos not everything suits my current skin situation), here are her skincare mantras she swears by. Preach Caroline, preach! If you want to know more about her, see her little chat with the Pixiwoo sisters. I'm totally addicted to her weekly vlogs!

15) A new clothing line by the lady behind one of my all time favourite blogs; Cupcakes and Cashmere, I mean talk about being a lady boss ey? I have my eye on the khaki military jacket, little white dress, white button up shirt , heather grey tee, black blazer and a couple of the lacy numbers. I had no luck finding her items at the Nordstrom in Hawaii, but will just need to stag them online. Just a few items :P

16) How Michelle Phan built a $500 million dollar company

17) I’m a bit of a nosey parker sometimes. If I become interested in a person behind a brand or a piece of work, I then want to know everything about their life story, how they reached their successes and how they realised their dreams. One of those people is Grace Coddington. You may have seen her in the September issue doco/movie, but if you haven't, she's pretty much the  creative force behind every dreamy, inspiration editorial you will see in an issue of Vogue. She is a fiercely independent and private woman. So when I discovered that this fantastic, fiery haired maven released a memoir while thumbing through the biography section of the bookstore, I had to have a read.  If you’re an avid Vogue follower and admire the creative editorials of any of the Vogue issues, chances are, Grace was the mastermind behind them. The book is so far so good….

18) Pineapple for your phone or desktop :)

19) If you are a large tote bag carrier like me and hate it when you lose things, or hate having to transfer all your belongings from one bag to another, you will love these . Chic, simple, used on their own, or not, you can stay clean and uncluttered.

20) Least of all, something I touched on in my last post. Warren Buffet's lesson in patience. Be it money, your own version of success, anything you feel passionate about, take heed and trust in your life's timing.

21) Mindy Kaling's guide to killer confidence - can't wait to read her second book, she is one of my favourite funny ladies!

22) My latest fave foundation brush discovery. Double ended, super soft, buffs foundation and concealer into the skin flawlessly. I've been told the bristles are so fine you can stamp your foundation/concealer (cream, liquid, stick or powder) onto your skin like a sponge, which was very much inspired by the gazillion number of pixels that make up the latest high definition screens. True story ;)

23) Undoubtedly my most favourite find last month was when my good friend Ana tagged me into an instagram post requesting MUAs for The Bridal Bazaar event here in Sydney... and then to have them select me to join the team of talented make up artists to work with Bobbi brown cosmetics led by Alphie Sadsad, had me hitting a high like no other. Here's a sneak peek at what happened!

24) Christmas is 2 months away (WHAT?) and I get the most excited for true summer down time with family and friends, good food, relaxation....AND HOLIDAY BEAUTY

25) But most importantly, the right way to heat Pasta evenly in the microwave


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