October 20, 2015

Triple C Energy Balls

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Bikini and shorts season is on the horizon and I am probably not the only one that is a bit self conscious about what has stored up during winter! Lately, I've inserted a few health-kick foods into our diet at home because as much as I love snacking on chips whenever I'm famished, - justifying it with an equalising workout - I know that's not going to help with getting into fighting shape for the summer.

I've been meaning to give these protein balls or energy balls a go for awhile now, and managed to try some at a Boost kiosk right before we boarded our flight to Hawaii. They were simply delicious and I needed to replicate them at home stat! 
These chocolate, coconut, & chia seed balls, that I like to call Triple C Energy Balls, hits the spot when you're kinda hungry and low on energy but want a snack without the guilt trip afterwards. There's no sugar, no flour, no eggs, no dairy, none of the traditional baking stuff, which I find odd ...but pretty oddly refreshing!
Jase loves them and I've made them half a dozen times since tinkering around with a few recipes. There's no baking here, you just need a small food processor for blitzing. They should be made in 15 minutes!

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October 08, 2015

Favourite Finds #2

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[Photo of a delicious Dole Whip taken at the Dole Plantation farm in Hawaii]

When I first built up this list of links (at least a month back - WHOOPS), the weather here in Sydney was torrential rain, windy and grossly cold. Just when I thought I put my winter coats and tights away because Spring/Summer was here, I pulled them right back out again. And then over this past long weekend, the glorious sun and hot winds came out blazing and we were treated to temperatures of 30+ degrees celsius. This is what you get for living in a country full of extremities.
No matter where you are though, I hope you find some time to yourself to unwind, relax, grab an iced tea (or hot cuppa) and perhaps feel entertained or compelled to expand your mind a little while you thumb through the following list. I know it took a long time to post another one of these. So I've blown out this time and have 20 odd favourite finds (reads) to share :)
As usual, you'll see a mixture of good reads themed around personal entries, funny reads, business-y subjects, girl-power and a mix of interweb finds ranging from unusual, funky and pretty things, beauty bits (and perhaps a quick fire review), life enhancing and uplifting ideas.

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