June 29, 2015

Swatch Of The Week 3 - MAC VIVA GLAM VI Lipstick

Much like the last post, this series of beauty posts is purely to swatch lip colours and a quick synopsis of my thoughts. A dictionary or gallery of lip colour references if you like. No perfecting, straight out of the tube lip swatching action. If the lip product needs the aid of a brush or a cotton bud/q-tip, primer, extra layers etc I’ll definitely make that known.

This is all in the name of helping others find the right shade of lipstick, that lipstick that might just brighten up your day and inspire you to pop a bit of colour or nude in your life, and also selfishly, a reminder to myself of what I have in my stash.
No "season appropriate" colour discriminating here, anything goes. If you would like me to swatch a lippie, please let me know in the comments below.

No swatch fest is complete without this cult brand! This week I'm trying on: MAC Viva Glam VI

My quick thoughts on this lipstick if you like:
  • Creamy and moisturising, and comfortable to wear on the lips. Definitely leans towards the glossy side.
  • As a result of the creaminess (and with most truly emollient lipsticks), it doesn't last long on the lips. So if re-application is not your favourite activity, then steer away.
  • Requires a few swipes to get the colour up to the shade shown in the photo above. 
  • On MAC's website, this lipstick shade is described as a warm terracotta plum-fusion with subtle pearl (wow), but on my naked lips, it translates into more of a mauve-y neutral tone pink. I would describe it as a YLBB shade i.e. "your lips but better" shade. Perfect for brides, especially for fair to medium skin tones, but I would just recommend laying down a good layer of lip liner first for longevity.
  • Has the typical Vanilla scent which I love. It's a subtle perfume which doesn't smack you in the face like other brands.
  • Doesn't require the aid of a lip brush or a cotton bud, it's perfect straight out of the bullet whilst on the run!
  • The price is on the higher end, but all proceeds from the MAC Viva Glam range go to their AIDS Fund foundation - is there any better excuse than that to give yourself a (double) treat?! Read more about it here

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