June 18, 2015

Swatch Of The Week 2 - Colour Pop Lippie Stix in Heart On

Much like the last post, this series of beauty posts is purely to swatch lip colours and a quick synopsis of my thoughts. A dictionary or gallery of lip colour references if you like. No perfecting, straight out of the tube lip swatching action. If the lip product needs the aid of a brush or a cotton bud/q-tip, primer, extra layers etc I’ll definitely make that known.

This is all in the name of helping others find the right shade of lipstick, that lipstick that might just brighten up your day and inspire you to pop a bit of colour or nude in your life, and also selfishly, a reminder to myself of what I have in my stash.
No "season appropriate" colour discriminating here, anything goes. If you would like me to swatch a lippie, please let me know in the comments below.

Anyone with a sense of humour will love the descriptions and the way this brand has a bit more spunk than your regular makeup brand! This week I'm trying on: Colour Pop Lippie Stix in Heart On

My natural lip colour...

My quick thoughts if you like:
  • Creamy,  vibrant and pigmented matte finish which shows up on the lips upon first swipe
  • Blot the lipstick and you will get a nice berry lip stain effect
  • The lipstick itself is actually quite staining even when you try take it off (I only used a clean tissue... if you used some makeup remover I'm sure it wouldn't be too bad)
  • The thinner bullet is perfect for us chickadees that have thinner lips and the tapered point makes it super easy to apply.
  • Need extra accessories? I don't think you need a brush or extra tools to help the lipstick excel to application perfection. Because my lips are quite thin, it fit quite snuggly and applied quite well.
  • I won’t comment too much on longevity because that is up to what activities you get up to. For reference though, the colour as previously mentioned, is quite staining so I wouldn't envisage it coming off to reveal naked lips quite that easily. The finish is also on the waxier side so if you're going to sipping on some drinkies, it could last a little bit through that!
  • The packaging is a bit cheap feeling, but guys, this lipstick is $US5 guys. FIVE DOLLARS.


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