June 09, 2015

Swatch Of The Week 1 - Maybelline Color Drama in Fab Orange

This series of beauty posts is purely to swatch lip colours and a quick synopsis of my thoughts. A dictionary or gallery of lip colour references if you like. No perfecting, straight out of the tube lip swatching action. If the lip product needs the aid of a brush or a cotton bud/q-tip, primer, extra layers etc I’ll definitely make that known.

This is all in the name of helping others find the right shade of lipstick, that lipstick that might just brighten up your day and inspire you to pop a bit of colour or nude in your life, and also selfishly, a reminder to myself of what I have in my stash.
No "season appropriate" colour discriminating here, anything goes. If you would like me to swatch a lippie, please let me know in the comments below.

Here is my natural lip colour...

First up, of course I enlisted the help of Bailey Buster Lee. I grabbed a few shades that tickled my fancy from my personal and professional kit and let Bailey "choose" which I should swatch. Maybelline's Color Drama in Fab Orange was the one for this week. It's not an exact orange as you can see, but more a bright shade of red that has been shot in the face with orange.. .which has made it that much more uber BRIGHT. A good example of a corally red, ideal for those of us that have a bit of warmth or yellow toned skin, but also this would pop nice and brightly on my fair-skinned friends. If you want a skin tone reference, my current winter skin is a MAC shade NC35 / NARS Stromboli / what most brands would call me yellow based medium or beige.

Here are my quick fire thoughts as well if you like:
  • A pigmented lipstick at great bang for 9 Australian bucks (I'm sure it's a hella cheaper in the US), I'm on the road to collecting all shades!
  • A creamy formula that is also semi-matte. If you're used to the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils this is a good affordable dupe but it's not quite as matte. The creaminess is nice and not drying, but I wouldn't say it's moisturising, as you can see, the texture of my un-exfoliated lips kinda still shone through. It's a slight dupe for NARS Red square but less matte and more creamy
  • I found the pencil helped me outline and define my lips quite well. The only gripe with this is you have to keep it sharpened, but that’s no deterrent (unless you’re on holidays, just pack your sharpener!).
  • If you like the over lining thing, this is one for you. You can tell I sort of over lined my top lip given it is thinner than the bottom.
  • Need extra accessories? yes… a brush for more precision or wipe with a pointed q tip. Also a sharpener
  • I won’t comment on longevity because that is up to what activities you get up to. For reference though, the colour is easily removable with a tissue but will leave a slight stain on your lips.
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