June 23, 2015

Favourite Finds

If you're one of those peeps that like to go online to look up a specific item, then find an hour later you are YouTubing best fails of 2015, this is maybe the kind of post you like.
Every now and then I'm going to plop down my favourite links around the globe. They're most ideal for those times you have a bit of time to kill on the train to work, need some advice, want to know about things you don't know, or some general inspiration and tips for a bit of zing in your life.
I like to visit links I haven't seen before and my phone/Evernote app is full of screenshots and links that I like to save for a rainy day and feel like sharing the love among friends. You may find some bits and bobs about my opinions on things. Read on if you like :)

Here are my current favourite finds.
1.  4-7-8 sleep method for insomniacs.

2.  Mac matte lipsticks to come in permanent including shades that match current lip liners, I have my eye on Kinda Sexy. Velvet Teddy and Heroine are in the line up for future MLP Swatch of the weeks!

3.  Blogilates 3 min abs (now no one has excuses for no time... this is literally just one song's worth of abs) or the 8 min swimsuit slim down. I was shocked at how much I was dying during these few minutes. If you feel like a challenge, how about 1000 abs? I may be a bit nuts, but I want to work my way up to this! If any of you guys are going to try this out, lets keep each other motivated!

5.  Cat Thug Life…I can’t get enough of cat antics or of any animal thug for that matter

6.  If you ever want to nosy in a fashion makeup artist’s kit, prepare to have your jaw drop at Val Garland’s makeup kit (warning it is a heart emoji eye inducing 46 min long video). If you don't know who she is, she's well, only one of the world’s most famous and well respected makeup artists. It's really refreshing to see she does not discriminate between high end and drug store makeup brand, she only likes to use what works... ahhhh, a lady after my own heart. Now if only Pat McGrath would open up even one of her 8 makeup suitcases for a show-and-tell ey?

7.  Also in the same vain, I've finally started to crack into the ultimate beauty companion; Pretty Honest by well renowned beauty writer; Sali Hughes, whether you’re just starting to peak an interest in beauty, a bit of a beauty noob, a beauty fanatic, this book is a great read and I’ve learnt a few new bits and bob advice from a few chapters so far.

Currently also reading... Paris Pastry Club.  You didn't think I would be reading novels would ya?Reading this probably doesn't help my thighs but ... the sweet anecdotes with the most perfectly organised sectioning of recipes, I especially love the section of recipes that serves ONE. This also contains the most useful tips, like did you know you could get the most perfect dent on top of a loaf cake by piping a bit of butter down the middle of the loaf? 

Umm... this is possibly my holy grail mascara for my non existent stubby lashes. Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions Volumising Mascara. WOW.  I spotted Chloe Morello plopping this mascara on her lashes and heart eyed emojis grew at the sight of her lashes elongating right before my eyes. Granted, I don't have the length of Chloe's lashes, but man I can really fake it till I make it with this mascara. Apologies for the close up phone pic, but I couldn't take a better pic of my eye with the big camera. I like to think that the legendary Pat McGrath had a hand at developing this little wonder, and this just confirms to me what a living legend/makeup Goddess she really is. There's another one called Masterpiece Transform High Impact Volumising and the names just all get really confusing (I had to check the website 4 times to double check whether I typed the right name), but let me tell you they are all SO WORTH IT. 


oh and if you're a non-bride kind of bride, don't forget to check out the new issue of Hello May. My dream is to be featured here some day. Have u checked out this band Duke? I was recently lucky enough to get the opportunity to do Hair and Makeup for their lead singer; Josie. GORGEOUS.

11.  An example of working from the bottom and getting to the top of your game; How Rachel Zoe Made It. The hard yards do eventually work out. 

12.  5,4,3,2,1 guide to packing light for travel


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