June 25, 2015

A Dark Chocolate Tart made by JLP

Today's post is brought to you by JLP aka Jason loves pretty aka Jase baked a dark chocolate tart. Follow the link to see which recipe he used for this deliciously more-ish dessert :)

The result of the first test run was posted here... so getting a great result after baking it a second time round is quite amazing, and also a testament to how easy and straight forward the recipe is to follow! Make sure you use quality ingredients, no skimping. There aren't too many ingredients to buy anyways so there are no excuses!

The Dark Chocolate Tart recipe is by Jamie Oliver here.

A Short Crust recipe you can use with the recipe can be found here.

Dense, rich, not too sweet, and encased in a good crust of crumbly pastry, this is the perfect way to treat yourself and share with your friends.
Here's hoping this may inspire the dudes in your life to cook/bake more often and let you put up your feet up, no?
Thanks JLP!


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