May 08, 2015

Why Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Is My Bae

Yes you read right, I used the word "Bae". I couldn't think of a more current, affectionate and trendy term to describe my current favourite foundation. Why is Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation my favourite?

Because I can't currently imagine doing a full face of makeup on myself or anyone else without it. It is literally my new best (makeup) friend. Before you ask, no I have not tried every foundation on this planet, but I have tried the highly coveted Giorgio Luminous Silk and Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, and while I like and have those too, I'm more willing to spend/invest in more shades of NARS All Day Luminous Weightless.

NARS claims that this foundation lasts ALL DAY, with even tone technology that neutralises redness and dullness without it feeling heavy and working long-term to reduce discolouration over time. Bold claims I know. Below are my quick thoughts about this foundation, after having it in my possession for 3 months and having used it on myself and a couple other ladies. 

  • Large range of shades to cater to A LOT of people
  • Sleek, chic and functional packaging (pump top + lid)
  • Glides on very smoothly
  • Skin looks like skin, no masked effect here!
  • Very pigmented (pretty much like liquid pigment)
  • Light weight (i.e. I can't FEEL it), satiny finish
  • Non-clogging (for me, now that's a big win given my acne prone skin)
  • Stays put and doesn't budge for a good 8+ hours or so (if you prep your skin well with a silicon based primer or good moisturiser)
  • Humidity resistant (I have worn this at the tail end of a Sydney summer)

  • You need to "werk it" with this foundation (I don't mind doing this, others hate that)
  • If you're a clumsy one, the glass bottle may not be in your favour, so it's on the heavy side in terms of portability (it looks pretty on your counter top though!
  • Following from above, the formula requires the need to shake the sh*t out of the bottle before use - more chance of clumsy mess
  • Rather expensive (well it is here in Australia/New Zealand)

PRICE: $64AUD ($48 USD ... DAMN IT)

VALUE: Here's the thing, I'm a makeup artist that loves spending time prettifying others, but don't always like a huge fuss on myself (unless of course it's a special occasion). On most days, I love to whack on a good concealer and powder, on other days I dab on foundation in places where I feel I need a bit of colour correction. I bought this foundation mainly to update my kit (which already contains a few shades of the coveted NARS Sheer Glow Foundation as well) to give a bit more range for other client skin types. So far I've found it to work on all skin types, blemished or "normal".
If you have relatively good "normal" skin, you can get away with the one pump that NARS suggests is all you need for a full face. If not, 2 pumps is OK too, its build-able to full coverage without you looking like you're wearing a mask. If you have pretty dry skin, you need a well moisturised base and plenty of MAC Fix + (or any similar hydrating mist). 

The foundation needs a bit of negotiation and co-operation, with a bit of patience, blending it on your face, section by section. It's not one of those dot around your face and buff it all in with one fell swoop foundations because as soon as it hits the skin, it likes to start setting fairly quickly. Therefore 2 key words here people; sections and patience!
If you are a fingers blending girl, that approach is my recommended way to use this foundation. But I also like using a slightly damp beauty blender for even faster application. You can still use a flat foundation brush to apply this foundation, but you will still need to somehow blend off the edges with buffing motion (aided by a brush or your fingers).
The foundation glides for a reason, it has that slippy slicone-y liquidy texture (hence the need to shake the bottle), so if you don't like working with liquidy foundations, steer clear!

On occasion I have mixed it with NARS Sheer Glow for a fuller coverage and it works a dream also!

In addition to some concealer, I used the foundation as the base in both the photo examples above (one photo taken during the day, one photo taken at night), with a light buffing of translucent powder to set it further, a light dusting of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powder across the T-zone and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder along the cheek highlight zone.

Does the foundation really last for 16 hours as it claims?... I will have to say... I'm not so sure as I haven't worn it for THAT long! But I can say if you tend to get a bit shiny in the T zone, you will need a powder compact or blot paper friend on your side. Whenever I've worn it, sometimes up to 12 hours,  it hasn't separated on the skin or slipped anywhere. Has it reduced discolouration over time like NARS claims? I find this hard to decipher as I feel that my current skincare has also helped in this department (FYI I have a few sun spots on my cheekbones, redness around the nose, a couple blemish scars).

So despite the hefty $64AUD, I know this foundation is a good investment and one I can rely on since I reach for it quite readily, knowing that I will get great natural looking coverage without any heavy feeling on the skin. I can also see this lasting quite awhile in my kit, as I don't need that many pumps of foundation for a full face.
30mls / 1 Fluid Oz is the standard amount of foundation you would normally get from most high-end cosmetic brands, and that is what you get for the $64AUD here.

I have yet to use this foundation on mature skin, but that is coming up with my Mum's pending visit in a week, and I will update this review when I do.

I can't guarantee my eyes won't stray and try other new tech foundations, that's just inherent in my makeup obsessive behaviour, but for now (and has been for the last 3+ months), NADLW is a foundation I can trust will always be there for me as only a foundation could. My Bae.


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    haha yes you have a problem, but it is a very good problem ! :D my list is fairing bible length, I don't know how long it will ever take me to tick it all off! Keen to hear thoughts on double wear and young blood!


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