April 09, 2015

Bliss in Monterosso

Cinque Terre is absolutely beautiful. 

Just before I jet off to Singapore this weekend, I thought I'd share a few pre-sunset photos from one of the 5 fishing villages we visited when we hiked from Riomaggiore to Monterosso. I can't say I have a favourite spot along the Cinque Terre trail it's just a simply beautiful trek and I can't pick just one. But Monterosso, the last pit stop of the Cinque Terre trail, was a nice way to end a very hot day of hiking, even though we did have to skip a couple of trails and opt for the train (landslides damaged part of the track!).  We managed to find a sweet little spot amongst the umbrellas (yes we did have to pay a small fee) and swam, snoozed, swam and snoozed.

I gotta say basing ourselves in Riomaggiore was the best idea, despite it being the peak busy summer period, Riomaggiore was just so relaxing and low key. We managed to hire a little apartment that was placed within 2 minutes walk of the central Riomaggiore village and it was wonderful just to see such a small little village with boats that bring in fresh seafood, local stores with delicious cheese and cured meats and all the little delicacies of Cinque Terre. We brought home a bottle of local limincello and pot of pesto for which the latter is sadly all eaten up.
One night we dined at a restaurant where I ordered a whole fish. It was SO FRESH and beautiful that I sucked that sucker down like no man's business, leaving just bare bones on the plate. Head and body...GONE. Later, the waitress came along to collect my plate before dessert and her jaw dropped and she looked at me and said "where eez thee head-a?". I just sheepishly said..."errr I ate it?". Jase was laughing at me, meanwhile the waitress was still in shock and waved her fellow waiter over and saying Oh My God you must look at this girl and what she did with the fish (well that's what I thought she was saying in Italian), and he came over to see and laughed, for which I really loved becoming an unexpected spectacle in the tiny restaurant with all bystanders peering over to see the fuss :P Hey! I'm Asian...we waste nothing. 

Ahhh memories. 

Once I organise our Europe trip photos properly, I'll have more photos to share, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these Monterosso beach snippets... and that they may inspire you to look at visiting Cinque Terre in a future trip overseas? Australia and New Zealand still have the best beaches, but the Italian shore, the seafood that comes from it and the many delicacies that are served up are really hard to beat.
Hope everyone has a good weekend! I'm off to join Jase in Singapore. I haven't been there since I was 3 and have absolutely no memory of it....let the 4 day eating, shopping and swimming begin!

p.s. ASOS are having a swimwear sale , so if you like the look of the 60's style bikini I'm sporting in these pics, you'll find a fair few in the sale (the one in the photos is by River Island)!! Probably not the right time now in Aus and NZ to be buying swimwear, but nothing wrong with stocking up for when it gets warmer after the next 6 months ;)

p.p.s Positano :)


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