December 09, 2014

Nutella and Banana Crepes

Last week I felt like eating crepes for lunch, so I made them, and also whipped out the camera.

It's all very simple really. Simple to make, easy to eat, that's how food should be most of the time. I devoured this in seconds I tell ya!   You can eat these for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert with any toppings you like. I just happened to have a craving for Nutella and Banana at the time, reminiscing about eating a hot crepe after dinner, inside the old town walls of Dubrovnik. *sigh*.
Anyways, you will make about 6-7 crepes out of a 28cm fry pan with this recipe, feeding about 2 (or maybe 3) people very comfortably.


  • 1 Cup Plain Flour
  • 2 Free Range Eggs
  • 1 & 1/4 Cup Milk (whole or skim, you decide!)
  • 2 TBSP Rice Bran Oil (any normal flavourless cooking oil will also do)
  • Generous pinch of Salt
1.  Mix all ingredients together with a whisk in a large bowl. Once throughly mixed, with the batter resembling a thick silky liquid batter (add a tiny bit more milk if you think it's too thick), place the bowl of batter in the fridge to rest for an hour.
2.  Take out a large frying pan (I used a 28cm frypan), and melt a dollop of butter of a medium heat in the pan.
3.  Ladle about half a cup of batter into the pan and then spread it out quickly with the back of a wooden spoon, spreading the mixture from inside out. (If you have a crepe spreading tool, even better, I couldn't find mine!). Once you can see the mixture is nearly cooked on one side, slightly peel the crepe with a spatula to see if the pan side down is golden brown, if so, flip the crepe over and let that cook for 30 seconds then place on a plate. Repeat until all the batter is finished.
4.  To serve, spread half a crepe with Nutella and line up about 5 slices of bananas down that half. Fold in half, and then half again to form a triangle. Alternatively, you can roll the crepe up like a burrito! Serve about 2 or 3 folded crepes per person, drizzled over with more warmed Nutella (10 seconds in the microwave will do) and Creme Fraiche or Double Cream. 

Et Voila!
P.S. Other Nutella recipes here and here, and if you feel like actual pancakes, how about this recipe here? 

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