December 10, 2014

My Basic Daily Uniform

T Shirt / Country Road (currently 20% off and comes in 10 colours!) and Denim shorts / Topshop (similar).

Having a home office has meant that my daily uniform has become somewhat very basic, simple, and frankly, not very exciting. But nevertheless, I have managed to transition from what used to be a PJs uniform (read singlet and boxer shorts), to a comfortable, well cut basic tee and denim shorts.

I guess this uniform stemmed from what I wore while we were travelling. The basic holiday uniform that worked best was a comfortable cotton t shirt or singlet top and some ripped denim cut-offs, which I have basically lived in every single day since we have come home. I have 2 pairs of these Topshop Hallie shorts and opted to get them in one size bigger so that they would hang at my hips, rather than sitting like a hotpant at my waist, revealing a not so demure derrière. While I still would like to shop around for denim cutoffs of a different brand, I am tempted to get the black and the white Topshop Hallie's as well. Having a size bigger is probably a bit on the baggy side, but I can't complain because gosh these shorts were comfortable to begin with, and have become better after each wash. And this Country Road T Shirt... oh how I love thee in white, grey and soon, black.

Yes it is boring, but honestly you just need to throw on a blazer and whack on a matte red lipstick to make the outfit more dressy if you like, and the whole shebang would go with any type of shoe; black pump, tan sandals, jandals, espadrilles, ballet flats, you name it sister. Versatility is key for me these days, especially being on a budget. 

Here are some more Santorini piccies to tantalise your eyes, and also pretty much the first day I adopted my basic uniform that has seen me through the last 3.5 months. My, my, how the time has flown by. I seriously can't get over how many photos we took in Greece, let alone the rest of the European countries we went to, and what a distant memory that great trip really was. I think I will keep moaning about wanting to go back probably at least twice a month... and for that, I am #sorrynotsorry !

Happy hump day guys!

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