December 02, 2014

Behind Vogue Australia's 55th Anniversary Shoot

Now that I have more time to explore in the creativity world, I seek inspiration from a multitude of channels for my own blog posts, and to gain motivation for myself to keep pushing forth in finding ideas of what I want to do more of, for the next ten years. That's pretty ambitious isn't it? While I worked ten years in Corporate, I could never answer my mentors and managers when they would ask me "what do you see yourself doing in the long term?", "what do you think you would like to do in ten year's time?". Most of the time, it was because I knew, deep in my heart, that my future was not with the firm or company that I was working for at the time, and so I was always cautious in any answer that I could drum up.

No time is better than now though and while I don't have all the answers figured out for myself, I do want to post about one video that has got me awe inspired. The Vogue Australia's 55th Anniversary Issue has been released on the stands, and while I'm saving that reading material for my flight home to NZ soon, this video has got me quite excited before peeling back the pages of the magazine.
This video shows behind the scenes footage about the collaboration between Vogue Australia and Animal Logic; two creative teams from different worlds that end up working together amazingly. Just seeing the creative thoughts coming together and collaborating so well as like-minded individuals is simply motivating.  I always find it so interesting seeing all the busy beavers and swirls of thought processes that go behind something so beautiful and amazing. It's not all glitz and glam people!

There are inklings of this 20 minute long video that has me thinking "oh yeh, I would love to do that some day". Hopefully some day is soon.

Thanks to the amazing Sharon for sharing about this!
Image from Vogue Australia

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