November 05, 2014

#TRUTH - Personal Mantras To Live By

These words may seem dreamy, but I'm telling myself all of it speaks #truth and they're the words I currently choose to live by on the daily.
I pretty much haven't gotten rid of the anxieties since I last mentioned in an earlier post. Those little worry bugs love to weave themselves through my sleep, making me a frequent pre-alarm-bell-riser or middle-of-the-night-waker. This change of not currently having a steady office job brings the loss of a regular income and consistent structure that comes with a "9 to 5". But I've always been a bit of a worrier and a control freak since I can remember. I just need to know early on that things will be alright. Don't get me wrong, I am LOVING the freedom, but I'm just not used to being given creative license to think about how I want to execute ideas , however and whenever I want. I do miss the ability to bounce around ideas and inspiration with peers and so to not pester Jase too much or my friends that aren't in the same industry for that matter, I have to do my own little search for other like-minded individuals and potential mentors. Everyday has been different and I have to find my own discipline with new goals and daily targets. Yes I can do this with Sex And The City re-runs going on in the background, and Bailey Buster Lee at my feet, but working on my own ideas with no idea on how it will be received or what it will lead to is quite unnerving. 

It's not like I didn't weigh up the pros and cons before leaving the corporate life, but when my own daily work patterns start with a blank canvas with a myriad of ideas that need to be painted into a certain Mia Loves Pretty way, the question marks that keep popping up just seem to multiply everyday, and it drives me a bit nutty. What I have been dealing with most I think, is the desire to know exactly what I want to RIGHT NOW, and I fear that the time will run out before I will need to go looking for a full time corporate job again.

There are no certain paths to walk on, but I just need to take baby steps on what I THINK feels like the right direction, remembering that U-turns and detours are allowed. So far that "right direction" is defined by what feels right to me... you know, what doesn't make me feel sick to my stomach haha. Here are the multiple question marks that keep propping up:
-Do I give my business ideas a good go?
-I want to be able to do such and such, how long will it take for me to get there?
-What do I need to achieve that?
-What would that cost me in time and money?
-Will that outweigh the anticipated joy of doing it?
-What will happen if it all fails?
-What will happen if I don't do everything I want during this allocated time off?
-Why do I think so much?

And then I tell myself to shut up... but the question marks prop up again the next day. I read somewhere that fear can often be confused with excitement. And so to help decipher my feelings and change my thinking to a more positive outlook, I've been on the hunt for great typographic art with quotes that remind me visually throughout the day, what a positive change in work lifestyle could bring. Here are some favourites that I have found and re-fonted to frame for our office:

I hope these will remind me whenever I walk into our office, to breathe and relax, and remember that life's pace works for certain reasons. The key for me at the moment is more DOING, and less worrisome thinking.

So for good measure, some items for my desktop to give me a good kick in the ass on unproductive days!

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do by TheMotivatedType

You Got This! By Chelsea Pejata shared by Design Love Fest

Make Today Pretty by Plum Pretty Sugar 

If You Don't Do It, Some One Else Will by Julia Manchik shared by Design Love Fest

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