November 24, 2014

The Longlasting Nail Polish - L'oreal Infallible Gel Nail Polish

I seem to always want to paint my nails right before bed. I guess painting nails sort of has that calming effect doesn't it? I turn the light off feeling pleased with shiny new nails, only to wake up to find my nails smudged to one side, has gone matt instead of glossy, embossed with an imprint of my duvet thread pattern. Any other time I do nails will have me feeling disabled for a certain period with an annoying itch coming on that needs to be scratched, or the need to go to the bathroom with no possible elegant way of undoing and pulling up my pants. Wasn't that a lovely opener? I bought the L'oreal Infallible Gel Nail Polish for my lovely bride-to-be friend recently but was intrigued myself, so also plopped a colour to try for myself.

When a nail polish hits the shelves claiming it will last 12 days, i.e. longer than your average salon manicure, and challenges a UV hardened gel manicure, you gotta give it a go. So that's exactly what happened, I saw the L'oreal Infallible Gel Nail Polish at my local chemist, and picked up the shade "016 Forever Burgundy" as I was feelin' a bit berrylicious.
My main demands with a nail polish is 4 fold:
  1. Must contain a great paddle like brush for easy spreadable application, 
  2. Thin formula enabling smooth layering, 
  3. It must last at least 5 days (or more) without chipping, and
  4. The colour stays vibrant and requiring minimal top up of gloss coat.
I hardly ever go to the nail salon unless its for a treat, like the day before an event or catching up with a girlfriend, as I find that doing my own nails my own way (see video below!) has a much long lasting effect (or perhaps its the salon I choose?). I usually get bored with finger nail colours pretty quickly so I knew I wasn't going to last the full 12 days without wanting a change. But I'm happy with how this one lasted during the 5 day testing period*, with the colour ringing true to the bottle with minimal colour fade. The most minute of chip action did occur on the 5th day, resulting in a sliver of non-colour occurring on my middle right finger, but rest assured I really put these painted nails through the wringer. My painted nails went to Avoca and Copacabana beach (beaches with sand that has a particular cheesecake base crumble like grit), they've gone through kitchen and bathroom scrub downs (including JIF on bare hands), vacuuming, play time with Beebs, late night baking, workouts, plenty of moments where bottles and cans required opening...and the list GOES ON. 
I picked this one up at my local chemist with 20% off, so was it was an easy $10buck decision. Watch out for the frequent sales that come on at the pharmacies but don't be confused with the longlasting lipglosses that L'oreal has somehow packaged in the same way as these nail polishes. A very easy mistake to make!

While I'm normally an O.P.I and Essie fiend, I think I might just be a new fan girl of this range. Perfect to pop into your travel bag (no need to find a top that has exploded in your toiletries bag with that middle cover insulator) and easier to remove than a traditional Gel manicure at a salon. I now have no qualms with a pre bed-time nail polish application ritual knowing that my nails will dry quickly, won't turn into a hot mess by the next morning, and will last until it's due for a colour change in a week's time.

p.s. If you're interested, my little nail video I made last year :)

*of course with a base coat (I use the OPI Start to Finish Base Coat)

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