October 22, 2014

Stripes In Santorini

We didn't plan to do a lot of outfit "photoshoots" in Europe, given this was meant to be a total unwind trip, but on the off chance where we saw some incredible light we (well Jase) just snapped away.
I wouldn't normally go for this lady in Monaco look, but the real reason why this hat was purchased was my seemingly trusty Country Road floppy hat didn't serve well in the desert-like heat in Santorini. All the hat did was shade my face but simultaneously cocoon the heat in! Between 11am to about 3pm, Jase and I were either in beads of sweat roaming around the island, or relieving ourselves poolside, drinking Freddo Cappuccinos in the shade, or catching breeze whilst quad biking around the island (don't feel too sorry for us). So when I spotted this stripy wide brimmed hat in Oia, 14Euro was paid, and my face and shoulders were happily shaded with no claustrophobic feelings in sight.
Be warned, this post is picture heavy!

ASOS dress (on sale!)
Isn't Jase a clever chicken for capturing this light?
I can see myself whipping out this dress again once Sydney's temperature gets into the mid 30's. It was a serious life saver, letting in the occasional breeze and being as light as air.
There are way more Santorini pics where this came from, but I wouldn't want to blow out the Mia Loves Pretty home page would I? If you've made it this far, well done!

I'm off to pick up my Mum from the airport now, quite exciting considering I haven't seen her for ummm 3 months? Bailey is going to go nuts with the new company!

Happy hump day!

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