October 01, 2014

Mini Strawberries & Cream Layer Cakes

Have you met my friend Rachael from Made From Scratch? Because if you haven't, you're missing out. She is such a lovely girl and has a real knack for baking with the most perfect recipes, curating homely decor ideas and showcasing the most beautiful weddings. I started to get to know Rachael not long after she helped Coralee pick out our wedding photos. And since then she has shared some of my recipes on her beautiful blog and I've loved getting to know her over our chatty emails and a couple of lunches once here in Sydney and again back in Auckland. I love browsing her blog, and she has made it such a humble success, you should definitely check out Made From Scratch if you haven't already!

Rachael's Classic Vanilla Cake recipe was the first thing I baked since we got back from our big Europe holiday, and what better way to start than something so simple and classic?
This cake is seriously more-ish and refreshingly light to eat, I couldn't stop eating the off-cuts! The only difference here is that I used a good dollop of Vanilla extract, divided the batter into two 20xm baking tins, bake for 15-20 mins (at 180 degrees celsius), cut ten 7cm (3 inch) diameter circles out of the cooled sponge using a cookie cutter and layered it up with strawberries and whipped Chantilly cream (about 200ml cold thickened cream whipped with a good dollop of vanilla extract and a couple of tablespoons of superfine sugar).

I haven't baked a cake in forever as I always seem to think I don't have a great affinity with cake baking. Also, neat and pristine cake decorating is not really my forte. Maybe this may change once I get more practise? These layer cakes are the perfect mini cake that doesn't require much effort. They were easy to stack and present to your friends and family for a pleasantly sweet and fresh treat. Bailey Buster wasn't too thrilled at the less attention on him now that baking has started but he was quick to forgive when he got a couple of licks of cream :)

As strawberries are coming into season and the weather is warming up here in Australia (it was 33 degrees yesterday!) , I'm dedicating the food posts in October to strawberries. So here goes the first post for Strawberry month!


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