October 03, 2014

Love For Mindy Kaling

I think I'm probably the last person on earth to pick up a copy of Mindy Kaling's book; Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?...
But in case I'm not, and you haven't read the book, you must! Those who know me well know that I struggle at reading books in general and would rather pick up an issue of Vogue or Harper's Bazaar instead. So the fact that a book captivated me is a big deal. After I finished up on my day job I knew this would be the prime time to try out this reading malarkey again with no more excuses. I did try my best when I was part of a book club at my old workplace, but that was short lived. And so I began with buying and downloading #girlboss and Mindy's book, and thought to run them in parallel while on holiday.

Jase will attest to the fact that I probably had 4,735,234 bursts of cackling laughter and sniggers while I read the book poolside in Santorini and also waiting in line to check-in to our flight to Dubrovnik at the airport. 
I already knew Mindy was a funny girl based on the Office and her TV show; The Mindy Project, but she has such a fantastic way with comedic banter, so much so that I read this book feeling like I was hanging out with one of my funny best friends. I kept thinking my good friend Mandy; with whom I have loads of silly talks whenever we hangout, must read this. Turns out she had already read it, well duh, I am so behind the times with good book releases.
Anyway, if you're in for a book that makes you giggle, want more insight into how some of us silly girls think, a fan of her TV show(s), or wanting to get inspiration from someone that had the determination to work their ass off for their dream job, this is a must read. If you want to get to know Mindy more and how she got into comedy writing, pick it up this weekend! 
I especially related to Mindy more having an upbringing by immigrant parents myself! And I will definitely try adopt her running technique. She thoroughly made my poolside and airplane reading time that much more enjoyable while on holiday. The book was only 207 pages on my iPad mini and I simply didn't want the page flicking to end. If Mindy is writing another book, I'll have you know I will be one of the first to push that 'BUY' button when it gets released in the Apple store.

Mindy, if you ever read this review, I highly doubt you will, but on the slim off chance you do, I know you're busy with writing and acting and stuff, but I think you should blog too. 

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