August 13, 2014

See You In 5 Weeks!

Cinque Terre photo by Gray Malin (via Erika Brechtel)

Bologna via Pinterest

Positano via Pinterest

Venice via Pinterest

Santorini via Pinterest here

This will be the longest break from blogging I've had, but considering our schedule will be pretty full over the next five weeks, (read: I will be so overwhelmed), I don't think I will have time to post here on MLP nor bother with tackling all the varying levels of WIFI that I'm sure we will encounter in Europe.

But I do want to take the time to say thank you. Yes thank YOU wonderful reader for taking the time to browse MLP. If it weren't for your comments, and the sense of community that I feel is starting to build up while I create, shoot and write on here, I think MLP would be a pretty sad empty space.

I'll leave you a few sweet images of some of the places we're visiting. They're from a collection of images that I've been hoarding over time on Pinterest under my TRAVEL DREAMS board. I hope they inspire you with a teeny day dream or two, or just simply remind you that you too, also deserve a break from the hustle and bustle of work and life.

We fly out this afternoon and I know we are going to miss Bailey Buster Lee so much. The first pit stop to London will be a very long haul, but this trip has been a looooong day dream that must be fulfilled this year. If you want to follow Jase and I on our travels, I'll be on the line from time to time and will most definitely be posting up a pic or twenty on Instagram!
See you in 5 weeks!

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