June 10, 2014

Current Lustings #2 - Jogger pants

Current Lustings #2 - Jogger Pants

I just purchased a pair of joggers and now I have some reservations. You all know I am a girl that loves a good style + comfort combo, and so when I saw a pair of pants that was both slouchy, borderline fitness specific, but could pass for dress up, there was a natural gravitation towards the "add to cart" button (plus the fact that ASOS had a 25% sale!). The only other drop-crotch number I have in my wardrobe would be a pair of limited edition Adidas sweatpants that we got in Japan last year, that also has a drop-crotch, but currently serve as my lounge-at-home pants/PJs. So you understand my need to drum up a mood board to think about how to wear this type of pant out in broad daylight or even for a night out.
Probably a bit too much thought about pants for a Monday night, but nevertheless, necessary.

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