June 19, 2014

A Bailey Buster Lee update

I know you guys will have seen Bailey blazoned on my Instagram but I thought he could have a little blog post too. This little one is turning one soon... wasn't too long ago that he had little stumpy legs and slicked back waves! Now he has model long legs, a curly haired head and a skitzo personality to boot.
A couple weeks back, Jase mentioned that he never thought he would love a little animal like he does Bailey Buster Lee. Isn't that cute? I always knew that was going to be the case though, it's normally the people that haven't grown up with a pet that become the most attached to one as soon as they adopt one into their heart :)
He's super playful, extremely sociable with all pups and humans, curious yet weary of cats, very fast but also quite cuddly too. We're lucky that he stayed still for these photos. A few fierce looks shot here and there for the camera and ten minutes later, he decided to bite and pull on the lead to take us for a walk.

Hope you guys are having a great week and an even better weekend! I've started planning our big Europe/US trip away and the official one week countdown to my corporate departure is on! :)

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