March 12, 2014

Mirror Shine Shoes

Mirror Shine Heels / Wittner (on sale!), Stripe Shell Top / Topshop (also loving this one!), Boyfriend Jeans / Gap (also seen here, here and here), Clutch / Country Road

I've been observing this crop top trend thing from a far for awhile, tempted to jump on the bandwagon, but conscious of not wanting to look Beverly Hills 90210 or better yet, baring an unwarranted bloaty stomach should I go out for a meal. Luckily this Topshop number is just the right level of crop, baring a slither of skin that's a lil sneaky but still demure at the same time. I probably left it a bit late plucking up the courage to sport this kind of top while we are now into Autumn, but while Sydney is coming up with the goods with the 29-30 degree weather, I may even crank it up a notch by inching up a further slither of skin.

These shoes are sleek and height appropriate for walking around for long periods of time, but then combo-ed up with a silver mirror shine that makes them different from the classic black pointed pumps. They also come in black and white... and ocelot (aka Leopard Print) and Dalmatian print.

Now while I plan to work more on my abs, I'm wondering if its worth going to sleep earlier to then wake up earlier, to then fit in a work out...before work. Do any of you guys do this? Do you feel better for it? Does it motivate you more during the work day? My current week night regime only consists of walking Bailey Buster for an hour... workouts have slowly shifted to the weekends! Other than the obvious thing to just go to bed earlier, I'd love to hear any of your tips and motivations for working out in the morning. This is something a night owl like me has struggled with a lot, and it also doesn't help that the mornings will soon be very dark here! Excuses excuses I know... but please help a girl out :)


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