February 10, 2014

Travel Inspo Part I

This is the year. We ARE going to do it. No um-ming anymore, we WILL go to Europe and the US. And for a long stint at that! Jase and I have been to Europe before but since then (6 years ago now), I've been imagining us travelling to more of the eastern side of Europe and eating our way through the cities of Italy for the longest time.
So in that vein, I've been pinteresting like a crazy mother, trying to see which cities would make our travel wish list, given the limited time of we would have. Italy just had to be on the list obviously, Greece too.... but also the South of France, Hvar, Madrid, New York, Hawaii and the list goes on.
The friends we had visit over the weekend are also keen on a European trip this year and it just got us even more pumped!
Here are just a few photos that have been keeping me inspired and moving us along with making a decision.

Clockwise from top left: A fresh food market in Bologna / Beach side on the Amalfi Coast / the hustle bustle of New York / On the water in Venice / Santorini at night


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