February 17, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday M.L.P

I'm not sure how it happened, but I totally missed the 1st year anniversary of this blog. I knew it was coming up, but then it just flew by and I completely forgot. It wasn't until Google emailed and said that the Mia Loves Pretty domain name had been successfully renewed for another year that I realised it was already a couple of weeks past a one year milestone!

I started this blog on February 4th last year, not really knowing what I was doing but knew that I needed to retire the old neglected makeup blog and start fresh with something creative.
It has been a great start to feeding my creative insides again, something that I don't get to do with my day job, for which I am truly grateful for. Growing up, I had swimming, ballet, gymnastics, speech and drama, piano and violin. In my uni years, I concentrated more on piano performance and teaching music to little kiddies. In my early years of working, I discovered a bigger love for all things hair and makeup, and then later on the lead up to our wedding, collected another healthy obsession with pretty details. And now, I get to combine everything I love and more into one little space.

While I don't get to post as frequently as I like, I love posting about the things that are inspiring me at the time, and being a part of a large online blogging community is an even greater plus. Looking back at my first post, I have to giggle at how different my posts are now compared to then. M.L.P started off a little bit dinky and now is (hopefully) leaning towards something a little bit more polished.

Thanks so much for reading, browsing, commenting, chatting on Facebook, sending out great vibes to me via the blog and all that good stuff. You all are wonderful people and I'm truly appreciative. Here's hoping that 2014 (the year I proudly proclaim #yolo for me!) will be an even better one!

Of course there's always room to celebrate with something cute and sweet. The recipe for this beautiful classic, silky, Vanilla Panna Cotta, sprinkled with rainbow confetti, is via the wonderful Chiappa Sisters.


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