December 12, 2013

Wedding Beauty - Jane

Sydney NSW, Australia

Aside from loving weddings all round, I love being involved with helping behind the scenes prepping for the big day, especially when it involves picking up the makeup brushes and hair curling tongs.
When we moved to Sydney, I was too afraid of even attempting to try enter the makeup and hair scene, partly because I was afraid of the competition, but mainly because I was self deprecating and never thought I could live up to the standard that I knew was that brilliant here.
While makeup and hair wasn't my full time job in New Zealand, I always took up the opportunity to grab my brushes and help out brides in need in my spare time.

I've never given up the dream and the niggly voice at the back of my head to give it a go again. I'm a constant blogger / YouTube / social media follower and have quite a few hair and beauty favorites that I follow to keep inspired. This is our third year of living in Sydney, and it's only now that I've mustered up the courage to try the makeup and hair scene again.

Recently I was able to help out this stunner lady; Jane, with her bridal makeup and hair, and while it was a bit daunting, I was more than ready for the challenge. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the process (again), and through telling myself to remain calm the whole time, I relished the creative opportunity. Jane saying she was really happy with how her makeup and hair turned out, gave me the greatest satisfaction that no words can describe.
Here are a few candid pics that I took when we were pretty much wrapped up with Jane's look for her wedding day and also a few portrait pics after she said 'I do'.Hopefully this marks the start of myself having more courage and confidence, and turning things that are all currently dreams in my head into real opportunities.


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  1. I know I'm a bit late commenting on this entry but just wanted to thank you again for doing such an amazing job with my (and my bridesmaid's) wedding hair & makeup, even back then you were a total pro and could definitely do this as a full time job! Hope you get more opportunities to show off your skills in 2014, and I'm more than happy to give glowing testimonials to any possible clients if you ever need it! :)

  2. Thanks Clara for such nice words! Very encouraging to hear, just the motivation I needed X :)


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