December 24, 2013

Signing off 2013

This year has been one of many things:

  • The first year of marriage - has been a great ride so far, and I've felt that its not too different to pre-marriage for us, except for thinking and talking through big grown up decisions
  • The first year of blogging regularly - has been quite challenging fitting it into the normal work day, but have enjoyed it so far! Hubaloo Lee has been taken along for the ride too eating all my recipe leftovers and being my amazing main camera man for the outfit shoots. I definitely have loved making friends in the blogging community too. There really are such great and creative individuals out there!
  • This was our third year living in Sydney - and it has totally flown by!
  • Our first trip together to Japan - was a really brief visit but I loved it so much, we will definitely have to go back for more Japanese lovin'
  • We welcomed our first fur baby; Bailey Buster Lee
  • Reignited a beauty and hair flame
  • Seeing our friend's babies (human and fur babies) grow up -in real life and on Facebook
What I hope for and can't wait for next year:
  • A big ol' trip further abroad to the US and/or Europe and somewhere in the tropics!
  • A few weddings of a few good friends of ours, you all know I love weddings more than words can express, so I am super excited. Even more so that I am a bridesmaid for one of them!
  • Making that grown up step in finding our own house
  • Getting a bit more fighting fit
  • Continuing on with M.L.P and growing it into something further
  • Reassessing my current career and seeing where that forever winding path is actually leading me to and whether I want to get 'there'
There are lots to look forward to next year, but until then, thanks for all your support in reading this blog, it's been tough finding a happy medium between blogging in my off time whilst having full time work but I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to more in 2014.
So here's to signing off M.L.P in 2013 and I can't wait to catch up again in 2014! I'll still be instagramming and facebooking whilst on a break, so catch us on there if you like.

Hope you all have a really safe and happy Christmas and an even more fabulous new year's celebration.


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