December 20, 2013

A Little Bit Boho

Hat / Sydney Bondi Markets | Maxi Dress / unlabelled, but loving these ones with a similar vibe here and here | Sparkle Sandals / Zara (S/S13)

It's definitely hat wearing whether here in Sydney, and you may think I'm bonkers for wearing a hat made out of wool, but surprisingly it's really light! I've always admired the Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe girls of the world, with the cool chic bohemian vibe, but while that is beautiful, I think I can only get away with grasping small bits of that fashion. This hat is the right amount of floppy and has the right amount of classic low key 70's vibe. Short of it borderline looking like a farmer's hat, it is the most comfortable, non-fringe-squashing hat.
If you're looking out for a nice floppy hat this summer, try to not get suckered into the high priced items on offer and try your local markets on the weekend. I missed my chance on a camel coloured one when the markets hit our local area a few months ago, but then found this beauty of a black one at the Bondi markets.

On a side note, I know the blog posts are slowing down a bit, the work days have definitely been draining the energy out of me, so much so that I have no creative blood left for blogging at night. I can't wait for the pending Christmas break to re-energize, spend time with loved ones back home in NZ and just re-ignite the creative fire I know that is still in my belly somewhere! But before we do head off for the holidays, I do plan to post up a few holiday ideas so watch this space :) Thanks for reading peeps!


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