November 21, 2013

Pencil Skirts for every occasion

Clockwise from bottom left:

I've been eyeing up a lot of pencil skirts lately in a slow effort to update my day job wardrobe, but have recently come to love the wide range of pencil skirts that is a departure from the normal tubular shape and can be casually dressed down for brunch dates, accessorized up for parties or just generally for any occasion. From fit and flare, to gilded with gold or bronze, or stretchy jersey, it seems there are multiple designs for everyone!

Generally, pencil skirts are great for any body shape, but don't be afraid to size up or down, as I generally find pencil skirt sizing doesn't match top sizing!
I absolutely love all these pencil skirts and have bought a few of these items for myself, while maintaining a watchful sale eye for the others.  There's something so cool about being able to tuck in a t-shirt or a cami into a pencil skirt and throwing on a blazer. This is my slightly downgraded work attire as of late!

I can't believe M.L.P has reached over 400 likes, I am over the moon and delighted at all your support. Thanks for your continued reading and I hope I can keep creating blog posts more and more in the future!

Happy hump day everyone! Is it the end of the week yet? :)

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