October 04, 2013

Marinated Sicilian Olives

It's totally bonkers that the department stores here have already started selling Christmas decorations since September. But it has actually got me really looking forward to the festive season and seeing all the cookbooks and food magazines that are coming out has really inspired me to think more about the entertaining food aspect of it all. What we can make, share and eat with friends truly makes me happy.

I love olives, mostly I love Sicilian Olives. As much as I love buying them in its briney form from the supermarket, I really love nibbling on marinated olives if its on the restaurant menu, pre-dinner, with a good glass of wine in hand. But I never thought of marinating my own! Here's a quick and easy recipe I learned from a recipe book of delicious food by The Victoria Room (a gift from a good friend). I adapted it slightly in that I made sure I used Greek Oregano leaves (the ones that comes as a dried bunch) and I also used Chilli flakes instead of red pepper flakes.

Marinated Sicilian Olives Recipe

Adapted from Supper At The Victoria Room 

Prep time 5-10 mins

  • 700gm Sicilian Green Olives (pips in)
  • 3 Bay leaves - crushed
  • 2 tsp of dried Oregano leaves (preferably Greek Origin)
  • 1.5 tsp of dried Chilli Flakes (includes seeds) - Use red pepper flakes if you don't enjoy heat!
  • 1 tsp of Ground Black Pepper
  • 1 tsp Fennel Seeds
  • 3 Garlic cloves - peeled
  • 1 Long Red Chilli
  • 3-4 sprigs of Fresh Thyme
  • 1/2 Zest (long strips) of lemon
  • Olive oil to fill jar


  • 1 litre sterilised jar with lid / 4 250ml sterilised mason jars with lids
  • Vegetable Peeler


  • Lightly crush together all the dry herbs in a pestle and mortar and set aside (that's the bay leaves, oregano leaves, chilli flakes, ground black pepper, and fennel seeds)
  • Place a layer of olives at the bottom of your jar, and then place one clove of garlic, a sprig of thyme and one peel of zest on top, and sprinkle a good pinch of your crushed dry herbs. Continue layering up the jar in this way
  • Place the long red chilli down the side of the jar and fill the jar up with Olive oil
  • Place the lid on and leave to marinate for 10 days before enjoying with your friends and family over a couple glasses of wine or good cider :)

Whilst jarring the big one up I thought these would be perfect as wedding favours or a simple little gift for friends, that doesn't require any fuss other than piling key ingredients on top of each other. I love the idea of homemade edible gifts, so a mini jar of marinated olives is perfect. Just dress up the jars with a bit of fabric (I chose chevron of course) and twine, and it's ready to give to a loved one :)

Hopefully this will mark the start of a summer eating entertainment series!
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It's a long weekend here in Australia, and I can't wait. We're not going away, but it's meant to be full sunny skies and warm weather. Plus Prince Harry is coming down to celebrate Australia's Navy Fleet 100th anniversary. I'm mostly looking forward to visiting the hairdressers for some pampering, the huge fireworks display for the Navy Fleet (that is meant to be the biggest that Sydney has seen yet), and just some great catch up time with family and friends.

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  1. I love this! I love olives too and I feel like people make fun of me because they say it is something random to crave, so I wanna try this woop woop!



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