October 06, 2013

Dog Walking In Black and White

^Double stripe Black and white top / Forever21 (loving this and this also)
^Boyfriend jeans / Gap Japan (also seen here and here)
^Black and White Espadrille / Seed Heritage (also in Snakeskin pattern)

We can't take Bailey out to walk yet as he hasn't had his final vaccination, so sometimes we take him to the rooftop for a run around. Dog walking attire should be whatever makes you comfortable, and these black and white espadrilles from Seed Heritage (constantly sold out online, but I believe are available in store here in Australia) are the comfiest flats I've worn on first wear, for the longest time. I'm a total espadrille convert!

This Double black striped tee is so comfy and I love the sporty feel, making for a great 'on trend' active attire. It's a great top, should you start the day off thinking it was a bit cold...but then later finding the day getting warmer as the day goes on. The black stripes are actually mesh, so it's totally perfect for letting a bit of breeze through.

Anyways, I can't wait to take this little one out, he is itching for it I know, always wriggling around in my arms when I take him to the local shops! Until then, he currently bounds around our apartment playing fetch, bolts around on the rooftop and also plays with his other furry friends whenever he gets a chance.
If anyone has any tips on keeping white leather clean, that would be much appreciated, because I'm pretty sure the whiteness of these espadrilles isn't going to last! :)


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  1. Those shoes are honestly to die for! I am going to have to get myself a pair.. it is bad how much of a shoe addict I am


  2. Thanks Hailey, so nice of you to comment :) I totally hear ya on the shoe addiction, from one shoe addict to another ;) These ones remind me of the Chanel ones but all leather. love them! you definitely have to get yourself a pair! X

  3. Thanks Whitney! X


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