October 23, 2013

Celebration Dress

'Light The Night' Maxi / Esther (available now in Blush and All Black)
Shoes / Zara (discont.)

The last time I wore this dress, I wore it for our first dance during our wedding reception. It was one epic dance choreographed by our good friend (and my bridesmaid), involving dance moves to a mash-up of three key songs; 'I Can Love You Like That' by All 4 One; 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' by Whitney; 'Can Only Imagine' by Chris Brown and David Guetta, and it all ended with our bridal party joining us with a group choreographed 'Gangnam Style' finale. Fun, cheese and excitement all the way! There was only one way I could have danced my way through that piece, and that was with this dress with the freedom of the flowy chiffon, side splits and my feet strapped right in those glittery heels.

We still haven't gotten round to getting all the dance footage off all sources to do a video edit, but once that happens I'll be sure to post it up! I'm not sure whether we would still remember the moves, but I reckon if we heard the mash-up songs again we would automatically jump back into it... like riding a bike. The number of hours we practiced surely must have coded the moves into our bodies haha.

I can't believe nearly a year has flown by! Ahhh such fond memories :)

**Part of the firery glow you may have noticed from these photos was because of the sunset glow being exaggerated from the smokey haze that has covered the Sydney skies from the bushfires that have occurred up north. It is devastating to see all the families and homes being affected by the wild conditions. Much praise must be given to all the brave fire fighting and rescue volunteers for all their tireless work through this tough time. If you would like to help those in need and that have lost so much, please take a moment and visit here or here.

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