September 24, 2013

Bath time with Bailey

Bailey Buster Lee (aka Bailey bear, FOMO bear, Bailey boo...take your pick) had his first bath a couple weeks ago and I thought I'd share a few photos to demonstrate how skinny he looks under that crazy furry coat :)

^^Feeling a bit apprehensive... unsure of what's coming....

^^half drenched and looking like a meerkat :)

^^I think he thought it was over....BUT wait for it....
^^Aren't those the biggest 'woe is me' eyes you've ever seen? Poor thing...he kinda looks like a dachshund crossed with a baby seal!

Bailey is a non-shedding haired dog and so will eventually need haircuts, but in the meantime, we're keen to see how long his little mop grows. He's a lucky boy and gets a good brush with the furminator every night totting off to dreamland within 2 minutes in! Man he's lucky he has a mama that is obsessed with hair ;) In between washes, we also use Blackmore's Puppy Conditioning Spray, to make sure he has a beautiful shiny coat and smells like a baby!

I just put the little spazzo to bed, we're on top of the morning and night time routines, but I'm hoping that we can maybe get a video cam to see what he gets up to during the day. He does the weirdest things like roaming around our place sniffing the air, walks around looking like Santa Claus with toy stuffing stuck to his face and runs towards the couch to then get bounced back down on the ground. I really wonder what goes through his little head sometimes.
Happy hump day everyone!

2 comments so far

  1. I wanna squeeze him! He is so cute!!!

  2. he is indeed a squishable character!!!


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