September 09, 2013

Bailey Buster Lee

This little furry monster has been the reason why our lives have been filled with extra love. Meet our little M.L.P addition; Bailey Buster Lee (aka BB Lee).

These photos were taken on the day I picked him up from the airport. He is a little Cavoodle (2nd generation) and turned 2 months today! Although I come home to find a mini trail of soft toy destruction, as if a cyclone has ripped through our balcony, he is a furball full of love. He's still getting used to living away from his siblings so the last few nights sleep have been pretty interrupted to say the least, but when you see his liddle face, and how playful he is, you totally forget how exhausted you are and just want to rustle him up and cuddle him to death. Although he has had a few accidents inside our apartment, he has surprisingly taken to toilet training a bit easier (though time consuming still), than my family pet Beagle.
He's met a few of our friends already and loves them to bits, tail wagging on hyper speed and licking faces galore. We sometimes can't tell whether he's asleep at night, as his button eyes are pretty dark and camouflaged. And during the day, if we're at home, he flops around konking out on rugs or in your arms (have you seen this instavideo I posted up? hehe).  He also loves getting groomed, even falling asleep whilst being brushed, he has snacked on a couple of our dead herb plants and his puppy belly is too cute for words! He is really like a walking teddy bear sometimes!
I can't wait to take him out for walks in parks and fields when he's allowed to go out, and I'm hoping to get a basket for my bike so he can come riding with us. But for now, I'll post up home photos here and there, so you all can see him grow up! To see more photos on the fly,and probably some more video action, be sure to follow my Instagram.

I know I know...those cables being there is lethal... but don't worry, we are puppy-proofing!

Fashionisters and Fashionistas, eat your heart out :)


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