September 30, 2013

100th Post Giveaway! - CLOSED

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Over the last few years I've become a massive fan of bright lipstick. It does take a bit of a bold personality or a bit of courage to rock bright, almost fluorescent shades, but once you are able to just get over the false fear of it all (including what other people think), it's so much fun and instantly brightens up your outfit, and your mood.
I can't believe I have posted 100 posts now, and to celebrate, I thought I'd do a giveaway. This will be a giveaway of 2 lipsticks. The first is of one lipstick shade that exemplifies fun, sass, and daredevil nature; MAC (matte) lipstick in 'Lady Danger'.

The second, I found when I went along to IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) here in Sydney a couple weekends ago.  I was able to whet my appetite on a makeup brand that has recently intrigued me; Lime Crime and while perusing their makeup stand, one shade that jumped out at me was 'Geradium'. This is an opaque lipstick, but if you apply a little bit on your lips then spread it out with a fingertip (I like to use my fourth finger), you can wear this as a slight wash of peachy-pink, perfect for the upcoming summery weather!

So anyways, I am going to pop one of these lipsticks in as a giveaway as well!

To enter this giveaway to win either of the lipsticks, here are a few rules:
  1. You must LIKE the Mia Loves Pretty facebook page (if not already!)
  2. PLUS comment on this blog post, letting me know what courageous, daring thing you have done or would like to do in the future!
  3. Optional. For a second entry, comment and/or like the facebook post about this giveaway as well, telling me what courageous, daring thing you have done or would like to do in the future!
  4. Optional. For a third entry, follow me on my instagram, and comment on this blog letting me know you have!
  5. Optional. For a fourth entry, follow me on my twitter, and comment on this blog letting me know you have!
  6. Optional. For a fifth entry, follow me on pinterest, and comment on this blog letting me know you have!
  7. Optional. For a sixth entry, follow me on bloglovin, and comment on this blog letting me know you have!
And that's it, 2 simple rules, 6 ways to enter :)

The lucky winners will win either of the lipsticks by random draw (first draw being the MAC lipstick, second draw being for the Lime Crime lipstick). If you don't think these lipsticks are for you, perhaps they are perfect for gifting to someone you know?
Hope you all are having a great weekend so far! This giveaway is open worldwide and will close at midnight, on October 10th and I'll be announcing the winners shortly after!


p.s. this post was in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered or affiliated with MAC Cosmetics or Lime Crime. Also of course the giveaway prizes are brand new in their box! The photos in this post are my own lipsticks, only posted for shade reference :)

September 24, 2013

Bath time with Bailey

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Bailey Buster Lee (aka Bailey bear, FOMO bear, Bailey boo...take your pick) had his first bath a couple weeks ago and I thought I'd share a few photos to demonstrate how skinny he looks under that crazy furry coat :)

^^Feeling a bit apprehensive... unsure of what's coming....

^^half drenched and looking like a meerkat :)

^^I think he thought it was over....BUT wait for it....
^^Aren't those the biggest 'woe is me' eyes you've ever seen? Poor thing...he kinda looks like a dachshund crossed with a baby seal!

Bailey is a non-shedding haired dog and so will eventually need haircuts, but in the meantime, we're keen to see how long his little mop grows. He's a lucky boy and gets a good brush with the furminator every night totting off to dreamland within 2 minutes in! Man he's lucky he has a mama that is obsessed with hair ;) In between washes, we also use Blackmore's Puppy Conditioning Spray, to make sure he has a beautiful shiny coat and smells like a baby!

I just put the little spazzo to bed, we're on top of the morning and night time routines, but I'm hoping that we can maybe get a video cam to see what he gets up to during the day. He does the weirdest things like roaming around our place sniffing the air, walks around looking like Santa Claus with toy stuffing stuck to his face and runs towards the couch to then get bounced back down on the ground. I really wonder what goes through his little head sometimes.
Happy hump day everyone!

September 23, 2013

Plaid & Leather

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^Vero Moda Plaid Tunic dress worn as a Shirt (also loving this shirt here)
^River Island Leather Skater Skirt
^Windsor Smith Leopard Heels
^Karen Walker Sunglasses (also seen here)

This plaid tunic dress would have been worn more as a dress if it wasn't so ill fitting in the lower region for me now. But the simplest solution is just to throw a skirt over top and taaa-ddaaahhh, different outfit and an updated way to wear something that had been sitting in my closest for donkeys years. Having worn pleated skirts all of my high school life, I was never really a massive fan of wearing them beyond that time either. But an updated matte leather (faux or real) option has made it all the more appealing, especially if it cinches the waistline for a more streamlined look that is a little less 'baby-hit-me-one-more-time' :)
Hope you all have a great start to the week. I'm mustering all my strength in hope that the work week will go by quick!! These weekends go on way too short and the cheeky monkey we have at home has made these last couple weekends a whirlwind for sure!

September 18, 2013

Bridal Beauty Portraits

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Photography by Coralee & Alex / Makeup by Sox Teng / Eyelashes lovingly applied by Helen Wong from Cerise Lashes / Hair styled by Terry Chan from BC Hair

I love seeing pictures of brides with their eyes closed. Some of my favourite wedding photos are the ones where the photographer has captured the essence of the bride in a portrait, in the most unconventional way. The makeup artist's work shines but the bride's quiet happiness and excitement shines through more.
Here are just a few of my favourites from real weddings that I've seen floating around the interwebs.

Photography by Ciara Richardson via Barefoot Blonde / Photography by Clayton Austin via Green Wedding Shoes 

Photography by Max Wanger via Cupcakes and Cashmere

Photography by Brooke Adams Photography via The Lane / Photography by Laura Izumikawa via Green Wedding Shoes

Photography by Marcel and Meher Photography via Style Me Pretty (check out this wedding, all the earth and gold details were amazing and not only was the bride beautiful, but the bridesmaids were too!) / Photography by The Carrs Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Photography by Clayton Austin via Green Wedding Shoes (definitely check out this bride's gorgeous dress) / Photography via Sugar Love Weddings (definitely check out this relaxed and beautiful North Sydney wedding!)

Photos with eyes up are fun too, but catching those moments that are candid and unexpected are probably the best :)

p.s. Sorry the posts this week have been a bit lacking thus far... I've been busy running after the puppy bear, playing and keeping a watchful eye on him making sure he doesn't do his business indoors! By the time he is asleep I'm too exhausted to think!

September 13, 2013

The Crunchiest Homemade Onion Rings

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Lately I've been wanting to experiment making snacky savoury foods, and seeing as this was my birthday week ( birthday is unfortunately on Sept 11th....), and we are hosting a bit of a casual get together on the weekend where we hope to serve pork sliders for the first time, I wanted to try one of my favourite burger accompaniment foods; crunchy onion rings.

I love anything with crunch and these my friend, and I don't like to toot my own horn too much, are THE BOMB. I ate almost the whole test batch (that's almost 15 onion rings) before Jase came home which is saying something...because with all recipes I make, I nibble here and there over a long period of time.
People who know me, know that I am the slowest eater ON EARTH. But with these, I literally shovelled them down straight away.

I made this honey mustardy creme fraiche dipping sauce to accompany a beer can chicken I cooked once on the BBQ last summer, and it works and tastes equally great with these onion rings.

September 09, 2013

Bailey Buster Lee

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This little furry monster has been the reason why our lives have been filled with extra love. Meet our little M.L.P addition; Bailey Buster Lee (aka BB Lee).

These photos were taken on the day I picked him up from the airport. He is a little Cavoodle (2nd generation) and turned 2 months today! Although I come home to find a mini trail of soft toy destruction, as if a cyclone has ripped through our balcony, he is a furball full of love. He's still getting used to living away from his siblings so the last few nights sleep have been pretty interrupted to say the least, but when you see his liddle face, and how playful he is, you totally forget how exhausted you are and just want to rustle him up and cuddle him to death. Although he has had a few accidents inside our apartment, he has surprisingly taken to toilet training a bit easier (though time consuming still), than my family pet Beagle.
He's met a few of our friends already and loves them to bits, tail wagging on hyper speed and licking faces galore. We sometimes can't tell whether he's asleep at night, as his button eyes are pretty dark and camouflaged. And during the day, if we're at home, he flops around konking out on rugs or in your arms (have you seen this instavideo I posted up? hehe).  He also loves getting groomed, even falling asleep whilst being brushed, he has snacked on a couple of our dead herb plants and his puppy belly is too cute for words! He is really like a walking teddy bear sometimes!
I can't wait to take him out for walks in parks and fields when he's allowed to go out, and I'm hoping to get a basket for my bike so he can come riding with us. But for now, I'll post up home photos here and there, so you all can see him grow up! To see more photos on the fly,and probably some more video action, be sure to follow my Instagram.

I know I know...those cables being there is lethal... but don't worry, we are puppy-proofing!

Fashionisters and Fashionistas, eat your heart out :)


September 08, 2013

Little Black Playsuit

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There's no denying that all girls should have a little black dress (LBD) in their wardrobe to provide a bit of versatility and also back up for wearing out to any occasion.
Little Black Playsuits can also be just as versatile, especially for the non-dress wearing girls.

Apart from the obvious fact that I forgot to properly steam iron this playsuit before going out, I absolutely love how its airy, feminine and encompasses the unexpected lace detail. It can be dressed up, paired with a tailored blazer and heels to go out for a special occasion, or dressed down with flats and hair up for a casual affair.

^Little Black Lace Playsuit from Beginning Boutique
^Heels from ASOS
^Fuschia Pony Clutch from ASOS
^Sunglasses from Karen Walker
^Bejewelled Necklace (very old)

I love a good playsuit, long sleeves, no sleeves or short sleeves. I'm currently on the hunt for a long pant jumpsuit that will be light as a feather (it got to 33+ deg. cel. here in Sydney today!), that will also not make me look like I'm about to jump out of a plane to go skydiving.
If you don't like black, I would say the next versatile shade has to be navy blue! See the blue version here!

By the way Bailey says hi!

Hubaloo Jase and I are exhausted from training this little one to sleep and I've definitely turned into a puppy mama by getting far too excited and enthusiastic whenever BB Lee goes on the pet loo. Crazy! He's only been with us for 5 days (and we have also been sleep deprived for 5 days), but we absolutely love him to bits!
Hope you all are having a good start to the week!

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