August 13, 2013

White & Brights

^Neon Violet Top by J Crew (on sale!)
^White Aztec pattern denim by Zara (on sale!..also loving these and these)
^Lace up heels by Wittner (on sale here!)
^Tote by Zara (seen here too)

I know what you're thinking.... PANTS!!!... WHITE PANTS!!! I would never in a million years have thought I could wear them. The lifespan of anything white in my wardrobe is normally very minimal, and so if I do own any white item of clothing, I choose my timing of wearing it very carefully. Not only is a stain a pain to get out of white clothing, but quite often, white coloured clothing can lose its bright whiteness over time and lean towards a cream. But this past Sunday, the sun was bright, the temperature was warm, and I was feeling in quite the chirpy bright colour mood. These Zara pants were on sale while we were in Tokyo, but see the links above for other white denim that are similar too!

As I've said before, I'm leaning towards more comfort clothing these days and absolutely love the worn-in feeling of vintagey tees. A lovely friend of mine helped me snap up a couple of these vintage tee beauties overseas, and although there aren't many colours left. They've come out with some nice stripey looking ones here.

Oh yes, and you may have seen on my Instagram that I've lopped off my locks FOR REAL this time (remember this faux attempt here?). After being chicken to do so for along time, I braved it and then proceeded to get a shock of how much was chopped off (see here!). But I've already grown used to the lightness, and aside from the extra need to take more time to style it in the morning (stubborn straight asian hair!!), I love how my hair is feeling quite smooth and looking shiny! I've definitely lost some head weight there!

Yes I marched right on, because it was brunch time after these photos were taken :)
We can all breathe now because after brunch with Hubster Lee, I can report that there was not a scuff, splotch of sauce, or crumb that landed on these pants :)

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