August 21, 2013

Styling for fun

At first when I started this blog I didn't know where it would take me. Even though M.L.P started here in February this year, I had actually started blogging in 2008, posting the odd picture of makeup looks that I had done (on myself or friends), weddings that I had done hair and makeup for, a few beauty product reviews here and there, but then hit a massive road block 3/4 through 2008...then 2009 passed... 2010 flew by...2011 sailed on....and you get the picture, time just passed. It wasn't that I got massively lazy... I think I just became uninspired to blog and share anything, I didn't know what my voice was, and that kind of allowed the corporate career side to my life take first place. So whilst the years slipped by, I still remained active in the blogging/vlogging world, but more so on the reader side.

It's obvious that I love food, and anything beauty related. But if I'm alone walking along the street, I always observe what people wear, complimenting certain items in my head, suggesting other ways to style their clothes in my head, and generally playing dress up with! Call me weird but it's like my own secret styling game. Same with when I shop, I look at a clothing item and imagine styling it with something from my current wardrobe, or flick through browsers online, analysing and pairing items together between browser tabs or flick through magazines pairing high end items from Vogue with high street items I see from Cosmo. So I guess naturally, since M.L.P speaks to my ideas on lifestyle, I would incorporate fashion, trends (classic and current), and my point of view on style here on the blog at some point.

I have long admired girls (and guys) that have the courage to literally put themselves out there, face on blog, documenting their style and using themselves to share styling ideas. When a friend suggested in the earlier stages of M.L.P that I post up outfit pics, I was like heeeeelll no! Who would even be interested in what I wear? Let alone how awkward I would feel in front of a camera attempting to pose. But after awhile, I had a light-bulb moment and thought to just try it out. Why not? this is my own space after all... and it would give me a chance to document how my own style evolves throughout the year(s), and then just maybe, someone would like bouncing style ideas around with me too? Maybe? :)

Anyways, I thought, just for fun, I would share some of the outtakes from the outfit posts I have shared so far. This is all for a laugh, so I hope it brightens up your day and shows you that although I like to pose like a fashionista, I'm not a stern serious fashionista... it is all for the fun of dress up, feeling good, expressing who you are and what works for you!

Happy hump day everyone and thanks so much for reading :)

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