August 20, 2013

Leopard & Graffiti

Oh yeh, not only do I love animals, I love a good animal print (faux of course!). Leopard is my fave and Zebra is a close second. One of my very first outfit posts here on M.L.P was leopard themed, and so you'll probably see me posting a lot of it here.
On the flip side, I love a good graphic print too and I'm always on the hunt for a piece of clothing that shows just the right amount of bold colours and also the right amount of urban cool. Until I find that though, I'll just stick to hanging out near cool Graffiti art walls :)

How dya like that beer bottle lurking in the background? haha! 

I know what you're thinking...perhaps I should have worn a bralet? Though I'm not sure that's flattering for the silhouette either! This shirt allowed the right amount of breeze through, which helped on the freakishly warm weekend. I only *clicked* my bra strap was showing when I looked through the photos just now... but then again Jase didn't say anything when he took this photo, so maybe it's ok? Little girls look away, you're only allowed to dress like this when you're much older like me :)

*Sunglasses Burberry B4065 Men's (love these too - Animal print arms!)
*Top by Forever 21
*Jeans by Lippy (super old)
*Flats by Steve Madden
*Necklace by Recreational Studio (borrowed from Hubster Lee hehe)
*Square Bangle by Tiffany & Co
Hope your week is going well peeps, thanks for reading, and stay cool!
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