June 20, 2013

Manicures at home for Nail Colour that Lasts!

Wowsers excuse my wrinkly fingers... I have skinnier than normal fingers!
Like most girls, I love a good pampering. Lately, when it comes to getting nails done though, unless it was Shellac or Gel, I get disappointed with the chipping that occurs almost straight after getting manicures done in the salon these days. In Australia and NZ, manicures aren't as cost savvy as they are in the States or in Asia, so these days I like to DIY my manicures at home.

I know some of you ladies already do your nails this way (or even better!), but I thought to share my way. It's no rocket science, and it's really easy. I did have to tidy up a bit of the nail colour that travelled a bit to my cuticles (I only noticed it when I looked closely at the photos!), but you guys get the jist! Using OPI base and top coat is the best, and also make sure your nails and fingers are bone dry before colour application. My colour lasts AT LEAST 10 days without chipping or breakage. No chipping, no matter the nail polish brand! Love it! I'm typing away right now with the same nail polish...three weeks later.

Anyways, watch this in HD :)

Even though nail polishes like OPI, Essie and Butter, aren't cheap here either (compared to overseas), I'd rather spend $15-$20 on a bottle of colour, than $20-$30 on a manicure with a life span of 2 days. I'm kinda thinking that this should spur on a good ol' girly sleepover and a bit more shared pampering, don't you? Maybe...just MAYBE your guy mates can share in the fun? haha :)

Also, add some sparkle to your tips or to your nail beds/moons for a bit of DIY glam glam!
Happy Friday everyone!!

p.s. I am so in awe of vloggers / videographers/ stop motion makers and the like... editing is a big task! This was my first ever edit and the perfectionist in me couldn't stop going back and forth! The hubster only gave me high level instructions on how to use Vegas (the editing software I used) as well. Talk about a steep learning curve... but I secretly loved it :)
p.p.s If anyone's wondering, the song was licensed through www.songfreedom.com!

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  1. Caroline GoldinghamJune 25, 2013 at 8:29 PM

    This video is just too cute!! My manicures never last but maybe if I had as much fun doing them as your video looks, maybe then they would last longer :P

  2. Thanks Caroline :) You just need a little portion of your day where you're not doing much and I'm sure you will have a perfecto manicure :) Round up the girls and have some fun! X

  3. Thanks for sharing the video it is easy to understand in video than pictures.
    How to do Manicure at Home

  4. thanks for your lovely comment Youngisthan :)


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