June 12, 2013

How about a Skort?

Do you or your gals like wearing skirts? Perhaps shorts are the current fave? how about a skort?

{Zara Coat / Cotton On Top / Lovisa Necklace {old, similar feel here} / Zara Skort / Zara bag {old, similar feel here} / Pointed flats (VERY OLD, like at least 7 years old)} 

I'm trying to remember whether I ventured into the skort department when I was little...but I'm pretty sure they were called culottes? You know, those baggy shorts that look like a skirt when your legs are close together, but when you start walking it's like WOW they're actually shorts hah! No risk of a skirt fly away situation here.

The skort is slightly different in that the front really just looks like a skirt... and then BAM, they're shorts in the back. Perfect for those like me who are a bit squeamish about wearing short shorts with imperfect pins like mine.

I saw quite a few of these skimming around fashion blogs for the last few months and know that Zara makes them in a blue, white and red. But unfortunately, the white has sold out here in Sydney, and I don't see any signs of the other colours making their way to this side of the Atlantic anytime soon. But I'm sure other brands will be following suit soon!

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  1. Someone awesome must have trekked around looking for that coat!... and I was going to say (before I read), how old are those flats?! I have never had flats last that long.. Coat looks fabulous.. x

  2. Yes someone awesome indeedy ;) I KNOW! I still can't believe I have them... first time in ages that I've worn them, lucky they made the cut before the move to Sydney cos I'm kinda liking them again after all this time! :D x

  3. You look absolutely adorable- loving that coat too!

    xx Lynzy

  4. Thanks Lynzy, so nice of you to comment :) I just had a quick squizzy at your blog too and loving what I saw. Will have to take a closer look tonight X


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