June 30, 2013

Floral and Lace-up

Sunglasses (Tru Trussardi) / Top (H&M...veerrrry old) / Bag (Zara, seen here and here) / Floral Pants (Target, similar here in a more pastel colour, also on sale!) / Lace-up heels (Wittner, ON SALE HERE!)

It's not often I come across shoes that tick all the boxes, i.e. (1) look high-end, (2) sit at a comfortable height (for me anyways) and (3), are on sale. These Lace-up heels were a bargain at $37 from the Wittner store. I couldn't believe my eyes! So I did the normal girl thing and bought them just because they were on sale.... not because I was looking for them specifically (teehehe). 
I don't normally go rummaging around in Target to shop for clothes either (I don't have the patience when the whole store looks unorganised)... but I chanced upon finding these floral pants last summer, on my way to the check-out counter when I was purchasing something else. They were $15. I'm telling ya... when bargains find YOU like that, you have to snap them up!
Have a good week peeps...another day, another dollar ey?
p.s. whoops, I didn't mean to flash a bit of bra-strap action in this last pic, but it was the only shot we got that was of my full outfit and I only realised it happened, post-production!!

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