May 28, 2013

Pumped Up Kicks

Ever since my Converse reversible high tops started rubbing against my heel causing bloody scratches on my heels (gross I know), I have always worn flat boots, flat sandals, ballet flats or jandals as my go-to for casual foot attire. And though I know there are some really cute non-high top options, nothing has really inspired me to swipe the credit card in that realm. Until this studded pair came along.
Do you remember this post? Yeh, these were the sneakers from that post :) I wasn't brave enough to buy them in gold, but the thought did cross my mind! These are nice as something not too sporty looking, not too "on trend", but above all, comfortable. No scratched up sore heels here! Just happy feet :)

Pink Sweater (H&M, similar here) / Studded Bangle (Lovisa, similar here) / Jeans (H&M, veeeery old!)

Hope you all are having a happy week so far! After a great weekend of glorious blue skies and beautiful sun sets, Sydney skies opened up the heavens to torrential rain on Monday ...and then extreme fog here today. I can't keep up!

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  1. Great look! Love your sneakers and your sweater!

  2. Thanks Olga :) Very kind of you! X


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