May 21, 2013

Leather & Gold wish list for the Colder months

The cold snap mornings have arrived in Sydney and all you want to do is hide indoors and never leave the house. Well I want to anyways :) mmm ugg boots, woolly jumpers, heat packs and movies on repeat. Bliss no? For some reason, colder weather and longer nights translates to wearing darker clothing in the winter months. But an injection of texture and sheen is a good way to jazz things up.
Here is my mini round up of things that I'm loving around the interwebs to assist with your colder month's attire, in the theme leather and gold. I've purchase a couple of these things but have also placed all the rest of them on my wish list (some of them probably a permanent wish list!). Layering is definitely key here in Sydney,as you never know when the wind chill will stop and the sun just gloriously beams!

I have hardly pulled out a winter coat during our time here in Sydney, but I think this winter might be the first year to wear one consistently. Yes yes I know... how is 10-12degrees considered cold? Talk about being a wuss now ey?
p.s. Sunnies are on the list because Sydney is still turning on the rays :)

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