May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

With Mother's Day coming up, I think about all the memories that were created with Mum during my childhood, for which I'm very grateful that I can still remember. Prominent memories include: laying at the foot of Mum and Dad's bed, well past my bed time, watching scary horror movies and covering my eyes on cue when Mum said a "naughty" or scary part was coming up (now, come to think of it, I probably missed all the good parts of the movies!), spending afternoons filling and folding won-ton pastries, having mum dress and make me up for Ballet recitals, and many many more.

I'm definitely not saying I only think of childhood memories once a year, in fact, because we live away from NZ, I think about my times with Mum (& Dad for that matter)... a lot. Safe to say, I miss Mum, and living away from home just makes the heart really grow fonder. I'll be sending Mum, (both our Mum's rather), some flowers,  and a good ol' skype session is on the cards.
{Left: My 5th Birthday / Right: On my Wedding Day*}
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums and Mummy-figures out there! Here's to remembering all the sweet memories you have made with your children, and also to creating much more exciting ones.
Have a great weekend everyone :)
* Photo taken by Coralee from Coralee & Alex

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