May 30, 2013

Freebie Printables

Like anyone, I love a good freebie.When it comes to crafty freebies, even better. Giftwrap, cards and paper decorations can get quite pricey in the stores these days, so when I see unique downloadable crafties from creative bloggers around the interwebs, I get excited and love to share the goodness.
Here's some cool freebie printables in three small categories; Gift tags & Labels / Gift Wrap / Decorative pretty for special occasions. All you need to do is turn on your computer & printer and away you go :)

1. Floral & Pastel Gift Tags by Fellow Fellow / 2. Flavour Extract Jar Labels by SpoonForkBacon (bonus recipes too!) / 3. Art Deco Chalkboard style labels for Pantry Jars by introduced by Lia Griffith

1. Nautical gift wrap by Hey Look (also includes some fun nautical themed gift tags!) / 2. Cassette, Polka Dot & Skulls gift wrap by Maiko / 3. Halloween gift wrap by MinieCo

1. Customizeable chalkboard style matchbox monograms from Lia Griffith / 2. Printable tea/coffee set by Toffee Indie Art & Craft mag  / 3. Wedding signage by My Own Label / 4. Baked Good topper by Hank & Hunt / 5. Customiseable bunting by Elli

Isn't there so much talent around the world? There's plenty more where that came from! I'll keep hunting, stay tuned! :)

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