April 22, 2013

Easy and loose Hollywood curls

Whenever its Oscars or Emmy award time... I just LOVE ooh-ing, aah-ing and uh-oh-ing at the red carpet arrivals. One particular favourite of mine this year was Reese Witherspoon's Oscar hair. Gorgeous, Hollywood Glam and retro curls.

A lil while back I dusted off my hairstyling finger tips (and my makeup brushes for that matter... see the post here), and played around with my good friend's hair. Isn't it a girly thing to do so? I can't shake this off no matter how much older I'm getting!

Hollywood hair a la Rita Hayworth style is one of my favourites styles. But sometimes when you wanna look your best and polished, but not too overdone or not too Hollywood glamour (depending on the theme of the night), you just need to take these hair inspirations and try variations of these hairstyles. Here's my take on a looser version of the Hollywood curl that is quick and easy.
I sprayed my friend's hair with heat protectant spray (I used Tony & Guy). Then sectioned her hair in half horizontally (the halfway line reaching from air to air), and then in half again vertically (the vertical half line from a slightly deep side part that ran down the back of her head).
Leaving an inch of her bangs clipped aside in the front, I curled the rest of my friend's sectioned hair (1-1.5" slices at a time) with a 1.5" curling iron all in the same direction (for this, I curled her hair towards the right side of her head). Once each slice was curled, I kept it in a rolled up shape, by rolling them around my fingers to make a pinned curl that was 4-fingers wide, sprayed with a little L'oreal Elnett hair spray......and let the rolled up curls cool on her head while I did her makeup.

For the front bangs that I clipped aside, I curled this away from her face and pinned the curl on top of her head.
Once all the curls were cooled, I let all the pins out and loosely brushed through her curls to create volume and loosen the curls. Created a slight deep side part and swept all her hair to one side. Pinned a few inch bottom layers of her hair towards the right and at the nape of her neck, so that the hair would stay in that direction.

Then basically toyed around with the brushed out curls, either try a voluminous look by combing the curls through more, or a slightly more uniform curl look by shaping with your fingers. And then do a final spray of L'oreal Elnett to finish and set!

And here's a few closeup makeup shots :)

I promise she does smile!


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