April 10, 2013

Double Cookie Fudgie Brownies

Whoa last week AND this week has been so horrendously busy on the work front for the hubster and I... more so for Mr Lee, but still, I know my brain is melting from the long hours in front of the computer in the office! I do often wonder what it would be like to be a full time blogger. The work behind the scenes would be a lot of effort, but I must say it is much much MUCH more fulfilling than my current day job, and plus I could spend more time planning and seeing my creative ideas come into fruition more often. Well well... that will just have to be a day dream for now. More onto the point of this post!

I am oh so glad I did some quick baking over the weekend, because I could come home to get some comfort from this:

Again, I followed the wonderful Lorraine Pascale's recipe, but instead of using just Oreos, I did half Chips Ahoy and Half Oreos :) All cookies stayed intact while baking, and it only took 16 minutes in the oven because I used a slightly longer tray. I must emphasise I'm not the biggest chocolate fan of the world...BUT! give me a dark chocolate recipe , coupled with the excuse to use my Valrhona cocoa, and I go weak at the knees!

Hopefully my day job deadlines will let up and I will share posts more frequently with you guys soon :)


3 comments so far

  1. Oh Lord... :) You are an artist! xx

  2. Thank you for the lovely browny!!!
    It was extremely YUMMY and I ate up all before I go home at the day...=)
    Please eat my bakings sometime soon.


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