April 25, 2013

Cinnamon brioche bites

I must admit that ever since the arrival of our icy blue KitchenAid (I've wanted one for a veeeeeeery long time), my top priority was to Christen her by making brioche bread. I'm glad I did, because this was my first attempt (eek), and it worked magically. Making it with a dough hook, and standing there watching her do the work made baking so much more relaxing! Bye bye hand held whisk... you will only be used for small small jobs :)

I followed this recipe for the dough measurements, and although it takes a bit of patience (there’s quite a bit of waiting time involved!), you can make the dough and leave it in the fridge overnight, in a well oiled bowl with Glad wrap (or Saran wrap to the US peeps) covering right on the dough. Take it out the next morning and proof it in warm area for 2 hours.

{Whoops... excuse my finger marks... I was just pushing around to see how pillowy the dough was hah!}
Roll the dough out, flavour it, roll it back up and cut them half an inch wide. 
Proof the dough again for 20 mins until the little scrolls poof up a bit, bung them in the oven at 180 degrees celcius for 20 minutes, at which time you will smell cinnamon-y heaven wafting through the house.
You get a good bit of caramelisation on the underside of these babies too!
We took these on the road for our ANZAC day vacation to Mollymook (more on that in a later blog post), but these are definitely best enjoyed warm,  straight out of the oven :)
Happy weekend everyone :)X

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  1. Looks amazing Maria... I add this one to my favourites too! :) Hope you had a good day off xx

  2. This looks so delish!!! I cant wait to try out the recipe this weekend <3 Thank you for sharing


    1. Thanks Genya :) you should definitely make them...delish! I just checked out your blog too, very nice! And love that you are a fellow kiwi! X


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